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StowAway Standard Hitch Cargo Carrier

The Standard carrier offers 12.5 cubic feet of storage on either a swingaway or fixed frame.
  • Durable box with 12.5 cu ft of capacity
  • Swingaway or fixed frame (save $110)
  • Carries up to 200 lbs. of gear
  • Will fit either a 1.25" or 2" receiver hitch
  • Box includes lock and full function taillights
  • Available in black or white(eggshell)
  • Available Upgrade Packages
  • How much will it hold?

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  Price: $529.00   

Item #: 022.0 | 022.3

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StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier

The Standard Cargo Carrier is our original cargo carrier, with 12.5 cubic feet of capacity and made with impact polymer the Standard box is super durable and comes complete with taillights, side reflectors, lock and automotive grade gaskets to prevent water from getting to your gear. Comes with our patented swingaway or fixed frame. 

Key Features

  • Cargo Box
    • Molded from the same high-impact polymer used in white water kayaks.
    • Carries up to 200 lbs
    • How much will it hold?
    • Locking latch for security 
    • Full-function tail lights  
    • Built-in carrying handles and a drain plug for easy clean up
    • Automotive grade gaskets to prevent water penetration to your gear 
    • Offered in black or white (eggshell)
  • Frames - the Standard Carrier is available on one of two frames
    • Fixed Frame
      • Rises 7" inches for ground clearance
      • Rugged steel tubing construction
    • Swingaway frame
      • Rises 5" for ground clearance
      • Pivots up to 180º for clear access to the rear of your vehicle. Locks at 90º for tailgating. 
      • Rugged steel tubing with dual safety feature 
    • Both frames can be used for the StowAway cargo box, hitch rack or bike rack  
    • Either frame is available for either a 1.25" or 2" trailer hitch
  • Overall 
    • Standard Box Dimensions: 49"L x 21"W x 24"H (remove 2" for interior dimensions)
    • Weighs 94 lbs on the swingaway frame, 73 lbs on the Fixed frame
    • 5 year limited warranty

Standard Cargo Carrier Packages

  • Base Package: includes cargo carrier, swingaway or fixed frame, license plate bracket (with light) and hitch tightener
  • Plus Package: Base Package plus a hitch lock and an LED taillight upgrade (not recommended for Swedish and German vehicles including Sprinter chassis) $40
  • Total Package: Add a bike rack, hitch rack and hitch lock to the Base and Plus Packages. All racks are interchangeable on either frame. Price for the Total upgrade is $269.00.

What you get with the Standard Carrier Base Package

  • Standard Cargo Box
  • Swingaway or fixed frame
  • Locking Latch
  • Taillights 
  • License Plate Bracket
  • Hitch Tightener

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Cheaper Shipping for Max Swing Away Model in Black (#024.3) to Canada!

We now have a fulfillment center in Toronto stocked with our most popular StowAway Model, our #024.3 
Max SwingAway model in Black.


The Max SwingAway model includes:

  • The Max Box with 16 cubic feet capacity
  • SwingAway Frame
  • Hitch Tightener
  • License Plate Bracket (with Light)

Shipping Zones, Rates and Lead Times

Canadians can now enjoy:

  • Faster delivery
  • Lower shipping costs

Please call to place an order

Cargo Carriers - Canadian Shipping Zone Map
Zone #ColorShipping CostShipping Time
Zone 1
$329.007 to 8 business days
Zone 2
$249.004 to 5 business days
Zone 3
$249.003 to 5 business days
Zone 4
$189.002 to 3 business days
Zone 5
$249.003 to 5 business days

Additional StowAway accessories will be shipped directly from our Oregon warehouse via US Mail and may incur additional shipping charges

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StowAway Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews: 41


Author:Jon Byrd
Location:Port Orchard, WA
Review Date:

  • Very thick plastic
  • Solid hardware
Love this product!! I have plenty of additional cargo room to take my family on vacation. Plus the hitch pin locks and the cargo box locks! I love that. It is water tight so I have no worries about storing whatever we need and still being able to swing it out of the way and access the rear cargo hatch on my car.

Works great!

Review Date:

  • Solid construction
  • Heavy
Installed on a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. Installation was relatively easy with the instructions provided. Installed driver and passenger side exhaust deflectors as the Santa Fe has two exhaust pipes coming directly out the back. Once installed it worked just as advertised. Held our luggage safe and dry on a week long trip and swung out of the way of the back door nice and easy. Once fully assembled it is heavy and can be a little challenging to install for one person.

Item is exactly as described

Author:David Porter
Review Date:

Wish I had grabbed up the next size up, and the swing away base. Item is exactly as described, but fits closer to the car than I had hoped. Will be adding cargo net hooks to box when next trip is over.

Much better than a Roof Rack

Author:Road Warrior
Review Date:

Just drove 5,739 mi. from Connecticut to Colorado, New Mexico and back with the Stow Away on a 2014 Subaru Forester. No problems except for one point where the lock arm wouldn't fully seat in the cover socket. It appears that the load was a little off center and warped the box slightly. Adjusted the load and all was well. (It could have been the 110 degree heat had something to do with it) Though the unit literature said the unit is not waterproof it is pretty damn close. Went through torrential rain and even a brushless car wash and had no leakage. We had room for five adults and their luggage. The back-up camera on the car was a helpful reminder that the unit was on the car, otherwise it could be easy to forget about.

Love It!!!

Location:San Antonio, TX
Review Date:

I absolutely love my StowAway. I'm a very petite person (5'1") and I had no problem installing this with the help of my 13 yr old son. I love the fact that I don't have to pack to ladder to reach the cargo roof rack. The swing away arm made it easy to open the hatch on my Toyota Highlander. I drove from South TX to Pensacola Beach, Fl and didn't notice any drag or additional gas consumption. I've received many inquiries about it. My neighbor even asked to borrow it! My only regret i that I didn't find StowAway sooner.