Compare Our Cargo Carriers

StowAway MAX and Standard Cargo Carriers

Below you can compare the different features of each StowAway Cargo Carrier, including storage capacity, dimensions, and other important highlights. With this StowAway comparison chart, discovering the perfect cargo carrier for your hitch-mounted storage needs is easy.

No matter which StowAway you choose, all of our models combine large storage capacity and easy, waist-level loading with high-quality, durable construction. Determine the best StowAway Cargo Carrier for your needs and start packing for your next road trip adventure.

Features MAX
Storage Capacity 16 cu ft 16 cu ft 12.5 cu ft 12.5 cu ft
Weight Capacity 200 lbs 200 lbs 200 lbs w/ 2" hitch
125 lbs w/ 1.25" hitch
200 lbs w/ 2" hitch
125 lbs w/ 1.25" hitch
Interior Dimensions (Approx.)
L x W x H
49"x21"x24" 49"x21"x24" 47"x19"x22" 47"x19"x22"
Exterior Dimensions
L x W x H
51"x23"x26" 51"x23"x26" 49"x21"x24" 49"x21"x24"
High Impact Polymer
Tail Lights
Wraparound Reflectors    
Locking Latch
License Plate Bracket
Side Handles
Drain Plug
Water Channel
w/ Weep Holes
Weather Seal    
1.25" Hitch    
2" Hitch
Hitch Tightener
Rear Spare Tire Clearance    
Ground Clearance 5" 7" 5" 7"
Fixed Frame    
SwingAway Frame