• Hitch Cargo Carrier solutions for your summer road trips. Easy ground level loading. Clear access to the vehicle's rear luggage area.  Ample room for gear and luggage.
    Rugged. Spacious. Accessible.
    StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers
    and boxes save the adventure for
    the trip, not the packing.
  • Stowaway Hitch Cargo Carriers leave more room for your family, friends and dog, while keeping your gear safe and easily accessible
    Comfort and Convenience.
    StowAway allows more comfort for your
    family, friends and dog, while conveniently
    keeping your gear safe and accessible.
  • Large storage capacity, easy waist-level loading and high-quality, durable construction with Stowaway Hitch Cargo Carriers
    Large and In Charge.
    StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers offer
    increased carrying capacity, loading ease,
    and high-quality, durable construction.


Hitch Cargo Carriers, Boxes, and Racks

Maximize convenience; Minimize hassle. StowAway hitch cargo carriers offer gear carrying solutions for road trips, travel and work. Hitch-mounted for ground level loading, with a swingaway frame for access to the back of your vehicle. Available in several configurations to meet the needs of families, campers, RVers, dog owners, businesses and anyone else looking to maximize cargo capacity without sacrificing interior comfort. Form and function combine to make the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier a formidable addition for your traveling needs.


  • Hitch Cargo Carriers tailgate closed

    Hitch Cargo Boxes

    Heavy-duty hitch cargo boxes offered in 2 sizes, 2 colors and on a fixed or swingaway frame
  • Hitch Cargo Rack with Cuisinart grill and cutting board

    Hitch Racks

    Open hitch racks carry coolers, grills, bikes and gear and mount to a fixed or swingaway frame
  • SwingAway Hitch Frame

    Hitch Frames

    Heavy-duty fixed or swingaway frame to attach your basket, box, bike rack or generator

StowAway cargo boxes are molded for rugged outdoor use with a similar resin to that used to mold white water kayaks. Hitch mounted for ground-level loading, the StowAway offers superior function for those road-trip, travel and work necessities. Our hitch frames are welded using heavy duty tubing for strength and durability, with a platform that can be used to mount a cargo box, cargo basket, grill station, bike rack or ski box, which makes StowAway one formidable solution. Your own box or rack can even be mounted to the frame.

Available in a Standard 12.5 cubic feet capacity model, or a larger Max 16 cubic feet capacity model, the StowAway cargo box boasts a locking latch and taillights, black or ivory color choices, and a range of options to enhance its overall utility. The StowAway cargo rack can be converted to a bike rack, rod rack, grill station, and or ski box depending upon your specific needs.

StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers are used throughout the world across a wide array of recreational and commercial applications. From the North Pole to the South Pole and every continent in between, StowAway is used to haul gear and make travel easier.

Have a need for more room when you travel? StowAway Carriers has the solution!