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StowAway Carriers – Over 15 Years of Road Trips, Camping, Hunting, and Tailgating

A duck hunter using the StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier to store his decoys and hunting gear

Three duck hunters once had a problem. After they'd loaded themselves, some hunting gear, and two dogs into their Ford Bronco, there simply wasn't enough room left for their decoys. They searched for storage alternatives, but they didn't want the hassle of loading a rooftop box, and trailers are hard to navigate, park, and store. Was there another option using the hitch receiver, but one that would keep the decoys out of sight and secure?

From this storage dilemma, the StowAway Carrier idea was born. Using a box made out of plywood—sans the StowAway moniker—the first hitch-mounted "StowAway" carrier was introduced.

After returning to their favorite hunting spot with their StowAway prototype, the hunters encountered a surprise. Several of their hunting buddies wanted to know if they too could have hitch boxes built for their vehicles. Soon it became apparent that a plywood box just wouldn't do, so the hunters upgraded to a white plastic box. Almost immediately, all kinds of travelers wanted this new and improved hitch carrier, as they also wanted more room inside their vehicles when traveling with their families, friends, and dogs.

Three years later the StowAway brand was born and the cargo box itself was redesigned. Shortly thereafter, the SwingAway frame was introduced and gladly welcomed into the cargo carrier community. Customers loved the idea of being able to swing out their heavy-duty hitch cargo box and access the back of their vehicle at all times.

Today, American-made StowAway Cargo Carriers are used by individuals and families for a wide range of applications. From soccer moms and dads, to K9 cops, RV owners, and dog show enthusiasts, the variety of travel uses for the StowAway is huge. And, as the number of applications for StowAway Carriers has multiplied, so too has the StowAway product line.

Now StowAway offers a MAX and Standard Carrier, Bike Rack, Hitch Grill Station, and Cargo Rack, as well as a line of cargo and hitch accessories. No other cargo carrier manufacturer or hitch rack company matches the depth, breadth, and versatility of the StowAway hitch carrier product line.

StowAway has firmly established its position in the cargo carrier market. We believe in a firm commitment to product development, quality materials sourcing, and excellent customer service. Thanks to a skilled team of designers and engineers, and ongoing customer feedback, StowAway hitch carriers and frames exist in a state of continuous progression.

The driving principles behind the StowAway product line are function, design, durability, and value. We want customers to have easy access to their gear, use our carriers and frames for a range of activities, feel confident in their carrier's durability, and receive superior customer support at all times.

Excellent Customer Service and Satisfaction, Every Time

Whether it's a MAX cargo box or a replacement taillight, StowAway Carriers stands by its commitment to provide superior customer service and satisfaction on every order. Our goal is to give every customer the satisfaction and positive experience he or she deserves. If something isn't right, we encourage you to let us know so that we can make it right to the best of our abilities. For any questions or concerns about StowAway Cargo Carriers or hitch racks, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We love to see where you take your StowAway—and where your StowAway takes you. Submit your photos here to share your StowAway experience and for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card prize.

As always, we appreciate your business and your interest in the StowAway Hitch Mounted Carrier.