See why the StowAway is the best choice for your hitch cargo box needs.

Cubic feet capacity doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to how much gear you want to carry. Nor are all boxes and frames made from the same quality grade of materials. Also, not all carriers offer the same options and versatility to their users. 

Here is a comparison of the three most popular and reliable brands of gear and hitch cargo boxes for you.



The Rola Adventure System hitch cargo box has 13.5 cubic feet of space, which holds roughly four carry-on bags. The Thule hitch cargo box has 13 cubic feet of space, which will accommodate about three carry-on bags and two large duffel bags. The StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier outguns both competitors with 16 cubic feet of space, holding four carry-on bags, two large duffel bags and two camp chairs ... making it the largest hitch mounted cargo box of the three boxes.


The frames on the Rola and Thule hitch carriers are both constructed from medium-wall steel tubing. The StowAway Hitch Carrier, by contrast, boasts heavy-wall steel tubing. The box material on the Rola is polypropylene and on the Thule hitch cargo box it’s ABS plastic. The StowAway hitch carrier boxes are molded with Linear Low Density Polyethylene – a super durable polymer, the same material used to mold high-performance whitewater kayaks. They have twice the wall thickness of competitive boxes and are designed to take a beating without cracking. To test this theory, StowAway backed a delivery van over the lid of a box. The results: not a single crack.


Many carrier users love to accessorize, to add on value, and to mix-n-match. Having one base product allows a great deal of choices in add-ons and versatile use. (Saves money in the long run.) In optional accessories, Rola offers me a bike rack, license plate light, hitch tightener, and hitch lock. Thule has only a hitch tightener and lock to help me out. The StowAway Hitch Carrier on the other hand, offers a bike rack, cargo rack, rod rack, lid rack, grilling station, custom cutting board, wheels, wrap-around reflectors and tie-down rings. All of which blows the competition clear off the road.

It does pay off in the long run to shop around and compare details. At the Finish Line of this race: StowAway by a mile.

Storage Capacity
16 cubic ft
13.5 cubic ft
13 cubic ft
How much will it hold?
capacity of hitch cargo box
  • 4 carry on bags
  • 2 camp chairs
  • 2 duffle bags
capacity of Rola hitch cargo carrier
  • 4 carry on bags
capacity of Thule hitch cargo Box
  • 3 carry on bags
  • 2 duffle bags
Carries up to
200 lbs
Carries up to 200 lbs
250 lbs
Carries up to 250 lbs
150 lbs
Carries up to 150 lbs
Cargo Box Material
LLDPE (used in white water kayaks) cargo box material same as kayaks
Polypropylene Polypropylene
ABS Plastic ABS Plastic
Frame Material
Heavy-wall steel tubing
Medium-wall steel tubing
Medium-wall steel tubing
Rear Vehicle Access
Swingway Frame
Swingway Frame
Fold down frame for partial access
Different frame lengths and heights to accommodate more vehicle types and set ups
One frame type
One frame type
Standard Items Included
Cargo Box with Taillights
Swingaway Frame for Rear Access
Not available
Hitch Tightener
Lit License Plate Bracket
Options Available
Hitch Lock
Lid Rack
Buffet Board
LED Light Upgrade
Range of products that will mount to the Frame
Cargo Box
Cargo Rack
Bike Rack
Bike Cargo Rack
Grill Station
Rod Rack
Sport Box for skis
Your carrier or rack


Made in USA
10 year
5 year
Limited Lifetime
Heavy Duty Frame
Heavy Duty Box
Cargo Box and Tray Package
$929 (BEST VALUE!)
Standard Size Available: $879.00
+ $175 Shipping