StowAway replacement parts, keys, taillights, reflectors, bolts

Stowaway cargo box keys and L-style replacement lock core

Keys / Lock Core / Latch Replacement

ST 023.27
  • StowAway latch lock core replacement
  • Includes core and two stowaway cargo box keys
  • Easy to install

** NOTE ** If you have a "CH" Series lock, you will need to choose a lock core or latch w/ core.  If you choose "Set of 2 Keys" for "CH" series keys, your order will be refunded and canceled, as you must choose either a lock core or latch for the "CH" series.

- Set of 2 keys - Replacement keys for "J" series locks ONLY.

- Lock core replacement (L Style ONLY) w/ 2 keys (see photos)

- Latch w/ Lock Core & Keys - Either Post or L Style (see photos)

- Latch w/ Lock Core, Keys, and replacement latch rods

Price: $7.00
Stowaway2 Sticker

Stowaway2 Sticker

  • Adhere to your vehicle, cargo box, or elsewhere.
  • Costs nothing. It's FREE, FREE, FREE!
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Adhere to your vehicle, Stowaway2 cargo box, or elsewhere.

Costs nothing. It's FREE, FREE, FREE!

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Price: FREE
StowAway Cargo Carrier Standard LED Taillight with 1 bulb sold in pairs for Standard or MAX cargo boxes

StowAway Cargo Box Taillights

ST 023.2
  • Replacement taillights
  • For MAX or Standard carriers
  • Standard or Optional LED lights
  • Replacement taillights for Standard or MAX boxes
  • Sold in pairs only
  • Standard LED lights include 1 bulb only
  • Multi bulb LED lights include 6 bulbs for improved brightness
  • Sealed to deter moisture
Price: $25.00
Close-up of MAX Cargo Carrier with stock red reflector strips

Cargo Box Reflectors

ST 023.231
  • Replacement reflectors for your StowAway MAX Carrier
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Replacement reflectors for MAX cargo box
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Includes set of two wraparound reflectors
Price: $12.00
StowAway Lid Stay attaches to interior of cargo carrier to keep lid open at 90 degrees

Lid Stay for Cargo Box

ST 020.16
  • Holds lid in the upright position
  • Easy to use and store
  • Holds cargo box lid in the open position
  • Ideal for use with the buffet board
  • Easy to store when not in use
Price: $15.00
StowAway License Plate Bracket

Lit License Plate Bracket

ST 020.7
  • Mount to the back of your carrier
  • Includes bracket and light
  • Plugs into existing wiring
  • Illuminated license plate bracket ensures high visibility
  • Easy installation onto the back of your StowAway Cargo Carrier
  • Brackets available for all StowAway carriers and cargo racks
  • Please note that the License Plate Bracket is included with all Stowaway Cargo boxes
Price: $15.00
Pivot Bolt for Swingaway Frame

Pivot Bolt for Swingaway Frame

ST 023.61-Replace
  • Replacement pivot bolt for Swingaway Frame
  • Includes nut and three washers
  • Hard grade steel
  • Pivot bolt replacement - includes washers / nut
Price: $10.00
StowAway Spring-loaded plunger pin

Spring Plunger Pin Assembly

ST 023.405
  • Replacement plunger pin assembly
  • Comes with crimp ring & spring
  • Excellent replacement plunger pin assembly
  • This spring loaded plunger pin comes with crimp ring and spring
  • Holds SwingAway frame in closed position against vehicle
Price: $29.00
StowAway T-bolt and locking nut

Threaded T Bolt Safety

ST 023.404
  • StowAway T-bolt threaded safety
  • Includes locking nut
  • Locks SwingAway frame into shut position against vehicle
  • Threaded T-bolt safety locks SwingAway frame against vehicle to prevent movement while in transit
  • Includes locking nut
Price: $15.00
StowAway Secondary Safety Pin with lanyard

Secondary Safety Pin

ST 023.402
  • StowAway Secondary Safety Pin for SwingAway frame
  • Locks StowAway SwingAway frame when closed and open at 90 degrees
  • Securely locks SwingAway frame into position
  • Includes secondary safety pin and lanyard
  • Rivet the lanyard to your frame to keep the safety pin handy (additional tools required)
Price: $13.00
StowAway Hardware Kit includes 4 bolts, 4 nuts, and 4 washers

Hardware Kit

ST 023.715
  • StowAway Hardware Kit
  • Comes with 4 nuts, 4 bolts, and 4 washers
  • For mounting box or cargo rack to frame
  • Excellent kit for mounting cargo boxes or racks to your StowAway frame
  • Includes:
    • 4 bolts, nuts, washers
    • 4 Oval washers
    • 4 Rubber washers
Price: $12.00
1 pair of StowAway Cargo Carrier Taillight Grommets

Tail Light Grommets

ST 023.22
  • Replacement taillight grommets for both LED and Standard lights
  • Comes in a pair
  • Durable replacement taillight grommets
  • Keep water from getting into your hitch mounted cargo box or leaking onto a connection
  • Available as a pair
  • Compatible with both standard and LED taillights
Price: $12.00
Replacement gasket for StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier

Gasket for StowAway Cargo Boxes

ST 023.24
  • Replacement gasket for StowAway carrier
  • Replacement gasket for your Max or Standard Cargo Box
  • Helps to prevent water getting into the box
  • Self adhesive for easy installation 
Price: $23.00
StowAway Cargo Carrier replacement heavy-duty drain plug, fits Standard and MAX boxes

Rubber Drain Plug

ST 023.255
  • Replacement StowAway box drain plug
  • Fits both MAX and Standard Carriers
  • Heavy-duty rubber drain plug
  • Fits both Standard and MAX carriers
Price: $10.00
StowAway Cargo Carrier replacement Wire Harness fits Standard and MAX boxes

Wire Harness for Cargo Box

ST 023.26
  • StowAway replacement wire harness
  • For either MAX or Standard
  • Direct factory replacement for StowAway carrier wire harness
  • Fits either MAX or Standard carriers
Price: $59.00
Bike strap replacement set for StowAway Bike Rack includes 1 cradle and 2 straps

Bike Rack Replacement Straps

ST 019.34
  • StowAway Replacement Bike Straps
  • Available in individual straps, set of four, or set of 16
  • Handy replacement bike straps & cradles for bike rack by StowAway
  • Sold as individual bike straps, or in sets of 4 or 16 straps
  • Combo includes 1 cradle and 2 straps in each set
Price: $12.50-$49.00
End cap for Swingaway frame

End Caps - SwingAway frame

ST 023.252(2)/023.253
  • Replacement End Caps for Swingaway frame
  • End Caps Replacements for SwingAway frame
  • Full set of 3 replacement end caps
Price: $15.00