StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier mounted on SUV with SwingAway Frame
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Item #: ST 024
  • Heavy duty box and swingaway frame. Made in USA.
  • Cargo box swings out for access to the back of your vehicle
  • Fits a 2" hitch receiver
  • Box holds up to 16 cubic feet and 200 lbs of gear
  • Package includes cargo box with taillights, frame, hitch tightener, lid stay and license plate bracket with light
  • Fixed Frame option is available
  • How much luggage will it hold?
  • Current lead time - 7-10 days, plus shipping time  
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    StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier with Frame

    Our MAX Hitch Cargo Box is StowAway's largest and most popular hitch carrier. And with 16 cubic feet of functional space and up to 200 lbs of gear capacity, we can see why. Molded with the same durable polymer used to mold white water kayaks, the MAX Hitch Cargo Box is built for rugged use and active travel.

    The Max hitch cargo box includes a locking latch, taillights and side reflectors for visibility, a drain plug for cleaning and a range of optional accessories to enhance its overall utility. A water channel and weep holes help to prevent water from getting to your gear. .

    The Max carrier is offered on either of our hitch frames - our popular swingaway frame or our standard fixed frame. The fixed frame is ideal for a vehicle without a rear door and without the need to access the rear of your vehicle. The swingaway frame swings out to enable you to open your rear doors, liftgate or tailgate for easy access to the gear in your vehicle. Manufactured from heavy duty steel tube these frames are built to last. The Max Hitch Carrier is ideal for mid - large SUVs, most RVs, trucks, and vans. See our image gallery to see your vehicle fit guide and for ways to use the Max carrier.

    What's Included with the MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier?

    The StowAway Max Hitch Carrier package includes the following:

    • MAX Hitch Cargo Box with locking latch and taillights
    • Your choice of SwingAway or Fixed frame
    • Lighted License Plate Bracket
    • Hitch Tightener to prevent hitch rattle
    Optional Equipment

    Wheels, a lid rack, buffet board and a hitch lock are some of the Max Carrier options.

    Key Features

    Cargo Box
    • Molded from the same high-impact polymer used in white water kayaks
    • 16 cubic feet of gear capacity
    • Carries up to 200 lbs
    • How much luggage will it hold?
    • Locking latch for security
    • Full function taillights and wrap-around reflectors
    • Built-in carrying handles and a drain plug for easy cleaning
    • Weep holes to divert water away from your gear
    • Outer dimensions: 51"L x 23"W x 26"H. Inner dimensions: 49"L x 21"W x 24"H
    • Box weight - 53 lbs
    • Designed for vehicles and hitches with a minimum 300 lbs tongue weight capacity
    • 10-year limited warranty
    SwingAway Frame
    • Rises 2" - 5" for ground clearance
    • Pivots up to 180° for clear access to the rear of your vehicle
    • Frame locks at 90°
    • Heavy-duty welded steel with dual safeties
    • Can be used with any StowAway cargo box, bike rack or hitch rack
    • Frame weighs 46 lbs
    Fixed Frame
    • Rises 7" for ground clearance
    • Rugged steel construction
    • Can be used with any StowAway cargo box or hitch rack
    • Ideal for vehicles without rear doors. Not recommended for vehicles with a rear mounted spare tire or ladder
    • Frame weighs 23 lbs

    Usage Guidelines

    The StowAway Max is designed for active use and travel. It is not recommended for use off roading or on washboard dirt roads. If it is used on salted roads we recommend rinsing and oiling the frame after each use to prevent rusting and corrosion.

    Exhaust Shield Use Recommended

    For vehicles with exhaust pipes pointing straight back, we do recommend either an exhaust tip to divert your exhaust down or to the side, or the purchase of our lightweight exhaust shields. Diverting the exhaust will help prevent damage to the carrier and your gear.

    Super Versatile Frame

    Use the StowAway frame as a platform to mount your StowAway box, cargo rack, bike rack or tailgate grill station. Or attach your own box, grill, rack or device.

    Not 100% sure if this is the right carrier for you? Check out our Hitch Cargo Carrier Buyer's Guide for more information on choosing the perfect StowAway for your needs!

    StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier Assembly Instructions

    StowAway Max Carrier with SwingAway Frame Instructions (PDF)

    StowAway MAX Carrier with Fixed Frame Instructions (PDF)

    Using the StowAway Carrier

    1. For optimal weight distribution, it's best to load the StowAway Carrier with lighter, bulkier items. This way you can save the denser, heavier items for inside your vehicle. Regardless of the gear, always distribute the weight evenly across the bottom of the box.
    2. In order to avoid latch or taillight interference, do not pack items too closely to the StowAway latch or taillights.
    3. The StowAway cargo box is designed to prevent water from penetrating the interior of the box. The Standard box uses a gasket to deter water, while the MAX box uses a channel and weep holes to channel water outside and away from your gear. In order to ensure proper water drainage, be sure to keep the weep holes clear of debris. While these water prevention systems work effectively under most conditions, water or dust may penetrate the box in severe conditions. There is also the possibility that condensation will accumulate in the box under certain humid conditions. While these instances are rare, we suggest you pack your items accordingly.
    4. A hitch lock will secure the StowAway Carrier to your hitch. Hitch locks are available through or through automotive or rack stores. We highly recommend purchasing and using a hitch lock.
    5. All StowAway Cargo Carriers come with a lit license plate bracket for mounting your rear license plate onto the carrier. Moving your license plate to the StowAway may not be necessary if your plate is clearly visible.
    6. The SwingAway frame is equipped with a latch, as well as a primary and secondary safety. To close the frame, swing it closed until the latch engages, then use the pins provided to lock the two safeties into place. To open the frame, remove both safeties and pull up on the orange plunger pin.
    7. By inserting the safety pin into the hole at the pivot point, the SwingAway frame can be locked at a 90º angle from your car, truck, or SUV. Care should be taken when swinging the cargo box out towards traffic or using it on an incline. The cargo box should be loaded while the frame is in the closed position.
    8. The StowAway is equipped with a locking latch and security features. Nevertheless, a determined thief could potentially access the box's contents by compromising these components. Exercise care if transporting valuables in the StowAway.
    9. The lights are designed to provide taillight, brake light, and turn signal functionality. The lights on every cargo box are tested at the factory before shipping. If the lights do not appear to be functioning properly, please try the following steps:
      • Test the unit on another vehicle, as improper vehicle wiring can be the source of carrier lighting problems.
      • In order to ensure that each light is fully tightened and free of corrosion, check the wire connector plugs at each taillight and at the vehicle plug. Spray WD-40 onto all connectors if you're not sure.
      • Consult your vehicle owner's manual to be certain that the terminals on the vehicle plug match the functions of those on the StowAway.

    Caring for your StowAway Carrier

    1. The StowAway is equipped with a drain plug for ease of cleaning. The exterior surface of the cargo box may get dull or dirty and can be washed with dish soap, water, and a wash mitt to get into the texture. Trim Shine Plastic Protectant helps restore luster to the black StowAway boxes. You can generally find it through an auto parts or automotive accessories store.
    2. In order to remove road grit or salt from the StowAway frame, we recommend washing, rinsing, and drying it after each use. Any sign of rust should be sprayed with rust remover or a rust preventative at once. Articulating and mobile frame components (the pivot bolt, plunger pins, and safeties) should be kept lubricated at all times. Unless the frame is rinsed, dried, and lubricated after each use, road salt will cause the frame to rust.
    3. Always keep the carrier's lid latched and locked when storing the StowAway cargo box.

    Precautions for the StowAway Carrier

    • EXHAUST WARNING – Hot exhaust directed at or below the StowAway box could melt or damage the box and its contents. For vehicles with an exhaust that points straight back, we recommend that the exhaust be directed away from your cargo carrier. You can either use an exhaust pipe tip for diversion, or a StowAway Exhaust Shield for deflection. StowAway exhaust shields are available for both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Exhaust shields are not necessary on vehicles with tail pipes that point the exhaust directly down or to the side.
    • The StowAway Carrier is not for off-road use.
    • StowAway models designed for a 2" hitch receiver should be used with a Class 3 or 4, 2" receiver hitch. StowAway models designed for a 1.25" hitch receiver should be used with a Class 2, 1.25" receiver hitch. We do not recommend using a 1.25" to 2" hitch converter with the StowAway carrier under any conditions. A 7" hitch extender can be used with Class 3 or 4 hitches rated for more than 500 lbs tongue weight. Under no circumstances should the receiver hitch tongue weight, vehicle tongue weight, or the gross vehicle weight be exceeded.

    StowAway Cargo Carrier Video Library

    Getting to know your StowAway Cargo Carrier should be as fun and easy as putting it to work. For detailed information on the use, assembly, or installation of StowAway's MAX or Standard Cargo Carriers, please click on the corresponding instructional video below.

    StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier

    Assembling the StowAway Max Cargo Carrier

    Barn Door Clearance for the StowAway Cargo Carrier

    StowAway Max Cargo Carrier Capacity

    Locking and Unlocking the StowAway

    Latching the StowAway Cargo Carrier

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    FedEx Ground shipping time for StowAway Carriers

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    Returns & Exchanges

    We are committed to providing the best customer service and satisfaction possible. We will gladly refund your purchase price, minus a restocking fee, or replace any defective items within 30 days of purchase. For more information about our return policy, visit our Returns & Exchanges page.

    4.81 stars, based on 460 reviews . |
    Overall Customer Rating of 460 Reviews:
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    Canton, Ohio

    Max Cargo Carrier

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • Safety
    • quality construction
    • Usefull
    • Heavy
    We saw the Stowaway product last year on another vehicle while on our way to winter in Gulf Shores, Ala., from Ohio.

    The first thing that impressed me was the safety of turn signals and brake lights built into the box, along with the visibility of the license plate. We used a cargo carrier with a plastic tub for several years, so this was a dramatic upgrade. Also, I could never get into the back of the truck after loading, so the swing open feature was a godsend for us.

    Upon receiving the box, and starting to put it together, the predrilled holes for the ordered accessories were wonderful. I wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy, but I will pass that off to the quality built into the product.

    We used the box for a long weekend trip. When staying in motels, the security lock on the hitch pin is a must. I also was impressed with the triple security feature of a locking screw and two pins to secure the box in place when moving. Also, the wheels are also an important upgrade for moving the box around the garage, especially for one person.

    We had the box full of bedding. On the way home, we were caught in an hour of heavy rain. I looked inside upon returning home to see a trail of water in the drain under the lid, which was draining out of the tiny weep holes. The bedding was completely dry.

    The usability of space in the box is excellent compared to my previous options. Lots of space. I wouldn’t want it any bigger on the back of the truck.

    Buying the Stowaway was a big financial decision, but with the safety, convenience, and quality built into the product, it is well worth the money. It was a good option for traveling snowbirds!


    Max Cargo Box

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • Well built
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to assemble
    • Good customer service
    • Hard to move by yourself without wheels
    Product is well made and very sturdy, and has a lot of room inside. Well thought out design, has lights and license plate bracket to keep things safe and legal. Swing away option is very helpful and works well. Also, do yourself a favor and buy the wheel kit too, I did on a seperate order after recieving the cargo box. I had a slight issue (probably a fluke) that was resolved quickly and reasonably by customer service as well, so don't hesitate to give this item a try.

    Sammamish, WA

    Wonderfully Functional; Cumbersome to Install and Remove

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • Capacity
    • Accessibility
    • Safety Features
    • Inconvenient installation
    • Inconvenient Removal
    • Suboptimal accessories
    We bought this box for our Infiniti JX35 in lieu of a roof box. Once everything is installed, we love it. It holds a ton of stuff, it’s easily accessible, and it’s easy to access our lift gate. It fits nicely between the tail lights of our car, but it’s still nice to have the connected lights on the box.

    I docked it one star (perhaps generously…) because it’s unnecessarily cumbersome to install everything and remove it. For the initial installation, they sent us the wrong instructions for the license plate holder, and I pretty much hate any instructions that involve drilling holes. Also, it’s unnecessarily tough to install the stinkin license plate onto the holder once you get the holder installed. The frame is also a very tight fit when you insert it into the hitch, when you try to jostle it to insert the pin, and when you try to remove it. I also wish it were designed so that you could remove the box from the frame more easily without removing the bolts.

    I was also a bit underwhelmed by the accessories. The lid prop needs to be installed and removed with each use, as it doesn’t just fold into the box. They also charge you extra for it, which strikes me as being pretty lame for such a lame prop. I bought the wheels, and while they’re helpful, they ride too low on our car and we “grind them out” when we exit and enter any sloped street or driveway.

    No regrets overall. The juice is worth the squeeze. But there’s room for improvement.


    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • Storage
    • dry
    • sleek
    • sturdy
    • swing arm
    We have taken our Stowaway from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Fairbanks, AK and have had no issues! We drove the Alcan highway along the bumpiest roads and it performed great. I would highly recommend !


    Max Hitch Cargo Box

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • quality
    • functionality
    • heavy
    It cannot be overstated how obviously well made this product is. I got the hitch cargo box in the Max size with the swing away frame. I drive an Infinity QX80 and have no trouble opening the rear hatch of the vehicle when the cargo box is extended on the swing away frame. At 80 MPH on the interstate I could not even tell it was back there and I found myself not worrying at all about it because of how well it's put together.
    I will caution those with smaller vehicles to ensure that you check the tongue weight capacity of your vehicle. The swing away frame is without question built to last but in saying that, it is heavy. Also, I highly recommend using the hitch tightener as it made all the difference in a totally secure frame.