StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier Advantage

The StowAway Advantage | Hitch Cargo Carrier

How does the StowAway compare with other cargo carrier options?  We think it offers several advantages.   

As you can see, people love StowAway cargo carriers and hitch racks for all sorts of reasons. That's because StowAway offers flexible, modular solutions that fit most any vehicle and lifestyle.

  • Accessibility - Ground level loading, and swings away for access to the rear of your vehicle
  • Versatility - From camping to tailgating to bikes.  One frame, lots of options
  • Durability - Heavy duty molded box, rugged welded frame.  Made in the USA.  
  • Capacity - Up to 16 cubic feet of room for gear.  


Tired of balancing on your vehicle's door frame to get things out of your rooftop carrier? StowAway's rear cargo carriers are the easy-to-reach alternative. Mounted directly into your vehicle's trailer hitch receiver, the StowAway Cargo Carrier gives you ground-level access to your gear at all times. StowAway cargo carriers provide up to 16 cubic feet of storage space, essentially doubling the average SUV's functional carrying capacity.

But what's the use of a hitch-mounted cargo box if it blocks access to the back of the vehicle? Not to worry. Our StowAway cargo carriers mount to our patented SwingAway Frame, which pivots out 180 degrees so that you can open your rear liftgate, left-hinged door, barn-style doors, hatch or tailgate with full access to the back of your vehicle. The SwingAway frame also locks at 90 degrees, meaning you don't have to worry about any unintentional movement in the frame while loading and unloading. For vehicles such as RVs that don't need rear access, the StowAway carrier comes with a rock-solid fixed-frame hitch mount.

Open StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier with vehicle liftgate open
StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier on SwingAway Frame for full rear vehicle access
Cargo Net accessory keeps items secure on StowAway Hitch Mount Cargo Rack
StowAway Cargo Rack with liftgate open

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Whether you're going fishing with the guys, taking the family camping, or carting around sports equipment for your daughter's soccer team, StowAway has a cargo solution for you. Our cargo boxes can store pretty much anything you can fit inside. StowAway cargo racks provide a securely mounted rack that you can load down with coolers and other gear. Our 4-bike rack can mount by itself or in combination with the cargo rack for extra storage. Add-on products like the 3-rod fishing rod holder, tailgate grill and cargo box buffet board give you even more options

Two styles of StowAway frame serve as the platform for our modular hitch rack system. The Fixed frame is immobile, while the SwingAway frame comes equipped with a pivoting arm that swings up to 180 degrees to give you full access to your vehicle. All of StowAway's hitch-mount products—including the MAX Cargo Carrier, Cargo Rack, Bike Rack, and Hitch Grill Station—are fully interchangeable and easily bolt to both the Fixed and SwingAway frames. Bottom line? No other cargo carrier brand on the market—including popular rooftop carriers—can claim the same level of adaptability as StowAway.

StowAway rod rack on the beach
football fans using StowAway hitch grill station
bike cargo rack with bikes and other gear
Ford Expedition with StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier for Beach Picnic

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StowAway offers some of the most durable cargo carriers on the market today. Rotomolded from the same material used to create high-performance white water kayaks, our cargo holders are constructed with walls twice as thick as those of other leading cargo carriers. To demonstrate the strength and durability of our hitch cargo carriers, we backed a delivery van over one of our carrier box lids. The results? Not a single crack. StowAway SUV cargo carriers have survived car accidents, blizzards, ice storms, rowdy tailgate parties, and wild animal encounters. Though it's not every day your StowAway will come face-to-face with a bear, it's good to know your cargo carrier will survive if it does!

Just as durable as StowAway's cargo carriers are StowAway's hitch-mounted frames. Our Fixed frames and patented SwingAway frames are welded from heavy-duty steel tubing. These frames have undergone extensive modeling, as well as over a decade of field testing. Our hitch-mounted frames can withstand stresses better than any other frame from any other cargo carrier brand on the market. Our heavy-duty cargo carriers are built to endure, and that's exactly why a 10-year warranty comes standard with all StowAway hitch carrier products.

Bear attempts to get inside StowAway Cargo Carrier
StowAway Cargo Carrier lid before being driven over by a delivery van
StowAway Cargo Carrier lid being driven over by a delivery van
StowAway Cargo Carrier lid after being driven over by a delivery van

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What's the point of a cargo carrier if you can't fit everything you need? Somewhere among our assortment of hitch-mounted cargo solutions is the one that's right for you. Our bestselling MAX Cargo Carrier weighs 53 lbs and can carry up to 200 lbs of gear in its 16 cubic feet of interior space. The Standard Cargo Carrier, perfect for vehicles with a 1.25" hitch receiver, weighs 46 lbs and is rated for up to 200 lbs of gear in 12.5 cubic feet of interior space. Golf clubs, folding bikes, pet supplies—the possibilities are endless.

StowAway's multi-use Cargo Rack can hold up to 250 lbs. Use it alone, or with one of our Cargo Rack accessories:

  • The stand-alone StowAway Bike Rack can hold four bikes or attach to the Cargo Rack for extra storage.
  • The Surf Fishing Rod Rack has room for two large coolers and up to six fishing rods.
  • The StowAway Hitch Grill Station features a Cuisinart gas grill at a convenient height for cooking, plus a custom cutting board that attaches to the Cargo Rack. Both are removable so you can load up the Cargo Rack with other gear.
Graphic showing cargo capacity of StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier
Graphic showing cargo capacity of StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier

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