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What is the StowAway advantage?

It's in our nature to want to hear what you love about StowAway, as well as what we can do better and how we can continue to improve our products. That's why every year we perform a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Survey. And every year, we hear the same thing from StowAway owners: your cargo carriers are a great value! While we're both humbled and elated by the positive feedback we receive season after season, we also understand why customers feel the way they do about the StowAway advantage.

Thanks to our surveys, we've discovered that 98% of customers would recommend StowAway Cargo Carriers to friends and family. Overwhelmingly, the three most common reasons why people love StowAway are:

Below we've used your survey responses to dive a little further into detail about these three points. Happy reading and thanks for telling us why YOU choose StowAway, and why the rest of the world should too!


Tired of balancing on your vehicle's doorframe to access your rooftop carrier? StowAway's rear cargo carriers are the easy-to-reach alternative to rooftop carrier models. Mounted directly into your vehicle's trailer hitch, the StowAway luggage carrier for the back of cars provides ground-level accessibility to your gear at all times. With either 12.5 or 16 cubic feet of functional storage space—depending on the model—a StowAway Cargo Carrier nearly doubles the average SUV's functional carrying capacity.

StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier with liftgate open StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier on SwingAway Frame for full rear vehicle access StowAway Cargo Rack with gear and cargo net StowAway Cargo Rack with liftgate open

Perhaps you're concerned the StowAway SUV Cargo Carrier will block access to your rear luggage area—quite the contrary. Our SUV cargo carriers mount to the Swing Away hitch frame which pivots out 180 degrees so that you can open your rear liftgate, door, hatch, or tailgate, and achieve full access to the contents in the back of your vehicle. The SwingAway frame also locks at 90 degrees, meaning you don't have to worry about any unintentional movement in the frame while loading and unloading. And unlike rooftop cargo carriers, the StowAway advantage means never requiring the use of a ladder.

From installation to use to access, StowAway SUV Cargo Carriers are easy and straightforward every step of the way.


The StowAway SUV Cargo Carrier accommodates today's outdoor recreation enthusiasts, active hobbyists, and families on the go. The StowAway advantage provides a product line designed with your active lifestyle in mind and aims to maximize your cargo carrying options. All of StowAway's hitch rack systems—bike racks, fishing rod racks, and cargo racks included—are fully interchangeable with our popular cargo carriers.

With the StowAway advantage, the options and versatility are nearly endless. Mom can load up her bicycle and head to the lake on Friday, while Dad can stow his fishing rods for a his big coastal trip. During the week, the kids can load the carrier with soccer balls and cleats for practice, and then the whole family can host a tailgate party over the weekend. Bottom line? No other SUV cargo carrier brand on the market—including popular rooftop carriers—can claim the same level of adaptability as StowAway.

Two golfers using the StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier to store their golf gear A soccer team using the StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier to pack up their gear for practice A family unpacking their camping gear stored in the StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier A duck hunter using the StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier to store his decoys and hunting gear

But how are StowAway SUV Cargo Carriers and hitch racks interchangeable? Simply put, StowAway frames serve as the platform for all of our rear hitch cargo carriers and rear-mount racks. Each StowAway product, whether our MAX Carrier Box, Cargo Rack, or 4-Bike Rack, easily bolts and unbolts to our StowAway frames.

As for our durable hitch frames, they come in two different designs—Fixed and SwingAway. The Fixed frame is immobile, while the SwingAway frame comes equipped with a pivoting arm that swings up to 180 degrees away from your vehicle. Regardless of what you add—cargo box for SUVs, open cargo rack, bike rack, or tailgating grill—you'll discover how the StowAway advantage will meet and exceed your family's diverse cargo carrying needs.


A bear attempts to get inside the StowAway Cargo Carrier

StowAway offers some of the most durable SUV cargo carriers on the market today. Built from a highly durable polymer—the same kind of material used to create high-performance white water kayaks— our cargo holders for SUVs are capable of withstanding an incredible amount of wear and tear.

Due to their high-quality construction, StowAway SUV cargo carriers have survived car accidents, blizzards, ice storms, rowdy tailgate parties, and even a few wild animal encounters. Though it's not every day your StowAway will meet face-to-face with a Grizzly, it's still good to know your cargo carrier will survive if it does!

A StowAway cargo carrier for SUV hitches has twice the wall thickness of most other leading cargo carrier manufacturers, which means it is designed to take a beating without cracking or splitting. To demonstrate the strength and durability of our hitch cargo carriers, StowAway backed a delivery van over one of its carrier box lids. The results? Not a single crack.

StowAway Cargo Carrier lid before being run over by a delivery van StowAway Cargo Carrier lid being run over by a delivery van StowAway Cargo Carrier lid after being run over by a delivery van

Just as durable as StowAway's cargo carriers are StowAway's hitch-mounted frames. Our Fixed frames and patented SwingAway frames are welded from heavy-duty steel tubing. These hitch-mounted frames can withstand stresses better than any other frame from any other cargo carrier brand on the market. We know, we've tested them ourselves!

For your safety and convenience, the SwingAway frame is designed with triple redundancies, ensuring the frame never swings out inadvertently. From initial design to completion, StowAway frames have undergone extensive modeling, as well as over a decade of field-testing. Thanks to the in-depth R&D we've done here at StowAway, we feel proud of and confident in the integrity, quality, and value of our products. We know that our heavy-duty cargo carriers are built to endure for their intended use, and that's exactly why a 10-year warranty is the standard for all of our StowAway Cargo Carriers.

From us here at StowAway, to all of our customers—past, present, and future—THANK YOU! With our accessible, versatile, and durable cargo carrier products, we look forward to helping you create the best weekend getaways, outdoor adventures, and road trips ever.

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