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StowAway Cargo Carrier

  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a Lexus
    "I brought it to the coast of the Arctic ocean in Alaska and back to Atlanta Georgia. Your product has been working great through some very harsh conditions. Thank you!" -Ji W.
  • Stowaway products are easy to assembled and installed.
    "Very easy to assemble and install. My wife and I assembled together and didn't even have an argument! Impressed with quality of the product. Fit and finish is very nice." -Rick T.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a  Eurovan on a mountain trip
    "Perfect companion for Eurovan weekender. Turns my daily driver into vacation machine. Stowaway set it up for VW, and it fits my Honda Pilot fine too." -Michael S.

  • Stowaway box on Tesla at charging station
    "I wrote up about my experience using it on a Tesla Model X, including how it worked for us at Supercharger locations, which often require backing-in to the charger and have notoriously short charging cables... we had no problems!" -Tom W.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier in between hitches
    "Great for hauling extra camping items, like a Bar-B-Q, chairs and a large outdoor carpet, even while wet after a rain when departing the campsite in our Pleasure-Way Plateau XL. With a dual hitch receiver we can also still tow a car with the StowAway2 cargo box. " -Bill F.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on gray SUV driving through the canyon in sunset
    "Several times along the trip we required some of the gear while it was raining. It was great to have the gear available without having to open the car during the rainstorm. we could pull the tent and set up camp, then move the rest of the supplies into the dry environment." -David B.

  • Stowaway cargo carrier on an SUV going off-road
    Been using it for years and we love it!!!! ;-)" -Carie B.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on black Volkswagen Touareg
    "Love it on my VW Touareg." -John D.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a beige Jeep
    "The StowAway works great on my Jeep." -Ed

  • Stowaway cargo carrier on red SUV in garage
    "Excellent packaging, fits on our vehicle perfectly. Turned lots of heads during our 5,000 trip this summer. Works perfect and fits all of our stuff. Very well engineered. 1000% satisfied." -Sam C.
  • Stowaway box on a gray SUV
    "Great experience with the MAX Cargo Carrier. Solid construction, fits perfectly and doesn't rattle or shake. Very impressed and very satisfied!" -John E.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on white van parked on pavement
    "Great looking! Durable! Practical! These are just a few words to describe this great item! This has made my travels across the United States so much easier and comfortable! Thanks stowaway! " -J.D.

  • Stowaway cargo carrier on Nissan Versa
    "Thought you guys might like to know - a 59 yr old grandmother and 13 yr old granddaughter installed this tonight - still need to get plate bracket attached but yellow flys and mosquitos put a delay on that installation. So if anyone ever inquires on how difficult installation is you can tell them it's not too much for a girl. I do have to stop by my mechanics because I don't have wrenches big enough to tighten hinge bolt. Will try to send prettier pics from out 1st adventure, this is a 2007 Nissan Versa Hatchback. " -Tracy V.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on white SUV in Utah
    "Here we are on vacation in Utah. Love the MAX Carrier. It has enough room for luggage for my family of five. We put all our luggage in it, which frees up the back of our 2015 Suburban for snacks, ice chest, etc. I plan on using it for our next trip to the beach on my 2013 Chevy Truck. The bikes, fishing gear, and ice chest will go in the truck bed, and the luggage in the Carrier. This is truly a great product. " -Barry.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier filled with things
    "We LOVE the MAX Cargo Carrier! It has enabled this family of 6 to travel across the country much more easily in our mini-van. We even decided against buying a much more expensive SUV, knowing that we could stash a lot of our belongings in the Max Cargo Carrier and still have enough leg room. So, not only is the Max Cargo Carrier a space saver, it is a significant money saver. We have been on camping trips to several National Parks and the Max Cargo Carrier provides a strong, secure place to store food, etc. overnight. Consider it one HUGE bear can! Everywhere we go, people ask where we bought it and we take the time to show them the easy-to-use swing-away frame. Grateful," -Tanya & Robert R.

  • Stowaway box on a white ski shuttle through Lassen National Park
    "Summer trip through Lassen National Park with our StowAway Carrier." -Brian C.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a white Nissan Pathfinder
    "Adds lots of room to my Nissan Pathfinder." -Jesus H.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a white SUV on snow mountain
    "First trip with our new StowAway2 - it is huge! We have snow shoes, sleds and saucers inside!" -Mark

  • Stowaway grill station designed for the beach
    "This was designed for the beach and the grill and hardware is stainless steel. I added adjustable brackets so it can be leveled. The grill is infra-red, wind proof and easily removes from the platform." -Dave T.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on red Jeep on sand
    "I don't know what I would do without my carrier. I bought it for my Jeep Laredo around 05 and was happy that it fit my Jeep Commander. Drove from SC to visit family in Naragansett RI for the holidays." -Steve K.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on Mercedes van
    "This is wonderful! I now can carry everything I want. Great construction. Easy to assemble. Nice wiring harness with license plate." -Steven Y.

  • Stowaway carrier box on a Jeep in the Grand Canyon
    "We have been in a 3 weeks road trip with 2 kids lots of camping and off roading was amazing, and the MAX cargo carrier definitely helped." -Tomer B.
  • Stowaway box on a gray shuttle bus
    "The StowAway Cargo Box is perfect for transporting my inflatable kayak and gear with my Sprinter Van. The right rear door is able to open almost 90 degrees with the cargo box swung out." -Bill G.
  • Stowaway cargo carrier on a white Jeep in Death Valley
    "First trip with StowAway to Death Valley .... Did great even while off road." -Skip B.

  • "This Stowaway Box was bought in CT back in 2009. It's first home was a Minivan. The Minivan was retired in 2012. The Stowaway Box then went onto a GMC Yukon XL in 2012 until the Yukon died in Chicago on 7/8/2016. The Stowaway Box has now survived to make it onto a newer GMC Yukon XL and the Stowaway's adventures continue...As you might guess, we like our Stowaway and hope to keep him around for some more years. BTW, that Spare tire tilts away from the Stowaway Box so it can still swing out. We also found that KIWI brand Black shoe dye keeps the upper lid/deck looking fresh and matching the rest of the box." -Richard G.
  • "We bought a 2018 Toyota Sequoia because we have 6 kids and needed an 8 passenger vehicle that would fit us even when the kids are getting older, and that has been great, but the Sequoia has almost zero storage room compared to our previous Honda Odyssey that worked when the kids were smaller. After reviewing all options we went with the largest StowAway2 with the swing away feature and have zero regrets! We see a lot of other Sequoias driving around and they all seem to have some sort of carrier for the same reason, but have never seen one of them with the same carrier and I always feel like letting them know the answer to their problem is this carrier! Thanks for making this and while it seemed expensive last fall when we bought it, I look now at the cost compared to how much we have used it and just laugh. Great investment for sure!" -John & Sally C.
  • "We got back from a recent road trip with our now 1 year old triplet boys, from Oregon all the way down to San Diego California taking Hwy 1 and 101. Very pleased with the storage unit as I had initially gotten roof crossbars to get a cargo box, but decided to go with the Stowaway2. Much easier to access and there were times like driving through the opening in red wood trees that we just wouldn't be able to do with a roof top box. And the biggest test that I was worried about, going up or down steep hills. San Francisco tested my concern and didn't scrape once. " -David K.

  • "We use the StowAway on family road trips - 13 of us in all. No modifications We looked at several storage options but found the StowAway to be the best for our crew. We can get in and out of the box without ladders or steps. When we need in the back of the Acadia or Pilot, the box is easy and quick to swing out of the way. We get lots of comments from other travelers and many with roof top units wish they had the StowAway." -Jerry P.
  • "I just purchased the Standard box on the swinging frame. I am a customer care consultant who has served many major corporations. I simply want to tell you (a) what a well-designed product family you have, (b) how super user-helpful your website is, and (c) how friendly and knowledgeable your call center people are. I look forward to receiving and using my StowAway cargo carrier." -Darby C.
  • "We have owned out carrier for about 3 years now and have made 2 road trips each 4000 miles around the country. Our latest trip was from Florida to Canada in our coach. We have people ask about the carrier at every stop. The carrier has been amazing, considering we have 5 kids, all the scooters, helmets, fishing poles and other outside toys fit excellent. Great product!!" -Brandon S.

  • "Ordering the Stowaway2 Max was very easy. I called and all my questions were answered politely and accurately. The delivery date was right on, actually earlier than promised. Assembly was a piece of cake. No missing or extra parts. Perfect fit. We are so pleased with our purchase. We full time RV and this is perfect extra storage." -John K.
  • "Received my MAX cargo carrier with swing frame and lid rack yesterday. You have a great product there. Easy to assemble and well made. Exactly what we needed for our camper van. Thanks." -Paul K.
  • "We just returned from a 22-day Florida trip and used the Cargo Carrier for the first time. Just wanted you to know we LOVE it. We were able to take golf clubs, shoes, store our folding chairs and have room for oranges. " -Roger & Helen S.

  • "When we take our family of four (plus Australian Cattle Dog) on a camping trip, our StowAway gives us the extra space for camping kit that we need to make the interior of our car comfortable for all of us. It's swing-away feature gives us easy access to the back of the car while providing total access to everything we need at the campsite. Great idea, well executed and you don't have to be 7 feet tall to get to your gear." -Ed S.
  • "First trip with the Stowaway was to Rocky Mountain National Park for several days of camping with my husband and 2 dogs. Loved it! Easily 'swung away' so the dogs were able to get out through the rear of the car and the rear window was able to open with no interference of the box. Large enough to hold everything we needed to pack and everything stayed dry as we did drive through one thunderstorm as we drove across Kansas. " -Patti B.
  • "A perfect size for our Astro van, our simplified camper! With a conventional carrier/box, we couldn't use the rear doors and had to dig under the beds for various kitchen equipment. The Stowaway is my back saver and stress saver!! Throughout a 1000-mile trip in southern Utah and northern Arizona, the carrier performed perfectly. So far, we are totally happy. It will stay on the van permanently, ready for whatever! " -E.J. M.

  • "For having a limited space in our Class B RV the MAX was a perfect addition." -Ted B.
  • "Still loving my Stow Away 2. Probably one of the best purchases in terms of use and value that I have made. Definitely worth the money. You made no mistakes with Stow Away. " -Brian S.
  • "Thanks for the high quality, American-made carrier. Definitely worth the investment." -Patrick S.

  • "I have a StowAway2 Max cargo box. We go to a lot of dog shows. In a bit over a year, our stowaway box has hauled our dog show stuff over 20k miles — it's been across the country and back twice. I love it. " -Jeff D.
  • "I purchased a large Stowaway2 carrier about 9 years ago when we lived in Nebraska. With 4 kids and family that lives around the country, I don't know what we'd do without it. Great product and we love it! " -Paul C.
  • "By the way this stowaway box is awesome. I've had mine for about 6years now. I can't tell you enough how nice it is to have this cargo box. It's very functional." -Beth S.

  • "Received our order. As usual, my husband handed me the guide and he started putting it together. I had to read fast to catch up with him. Lots of directions, clarification and info! He found the whole process very easy. The only time I had to 'help' was to hold up one end of the hitch while he installed the washers and pivoting pin. No frustrations! Everything went together smoothly. Very happy with pre-drilling! Quality of hitch and box is very good. Great job, StowAway! Thanks for being an American Company!" -Carol H.
  • "I purchased a StowAway 2 Max last year and have been extremely happy with it. It is the perfect carrier for our growing family and frequent road trips. My appreciation for your product reached a new level while traveling on the NJ turnpike on our way home from visiting family for Christmas. We were involved in what could have been a very serious accident. I say "what could have been" because our Stowaway absorbed the majority of the impact when we were hit from the rear and, in my opinion, saved my family from serious injury or worse. Thank you for building such a great product. " -Brad C.
  • "It is the best! Plenty of room for things we couldn't pack before we bought the StowAway2." -Dave D.

  • StowAway SwingAway Frame

  • "The GX460 has a barn door and as you can see the Lexus door almost fully opens when the Stowaway is swung to it's farthest. Nice!" -Peter L.
  • "SwingAway Frame - Love it as a pellet smoker kitchen :) for my fifth wheel... " -Taj S.
  • "We bought a Stow Away Swing Away frame from you in August of 2017. I want to start by saying that we love the additional functionality it has brought to our vehicle. We are building out our camp kitchen on the swing away and have already used it with a simple kitchen configuration over a month trip. " -Jasi B.

  • StowAway Accessories

  • "My order of new tail lights has arrived; they have been installed and all is working well. Thanks so much, again, for great customer service! As I tell folks who ask, the Swingaway Model 022.3 is the best addition to our Sportsmobile we have made in the thirteen years we have had it " -Herman V.
  • "The Lid Rack arrived and is installed. Great Product, quick delivery and easy to install. Thank you." -Harry G.