Spare Tire Clearance Guide | Cargo Carrier for Hitch

StowAway is firmly committed to developing a cargo carrier for hitches on every vehicle, including those with rear-mounted spare tires or ladders. If your vehicle has a rear-mounted spare tire or ladder, determining which StowAway Cargo Carrier works with your vehicle is a simple process.

Measure the horizontal distance from the center of your vehicle's hitch pin hole to the back edge of your vehicle's spare tire or ladder. As shown in the diagram below, this measurement is your "Horizontal Distance."

When you place your StowAway order, be sure to include this horizontal distance measurement, along with your vehicle make, model, and year. We will make sure you get the right frame configuration to allow proper clearance for your spare tire or ladder. If you'd like to confirm before you place your order, you can contact one of our hitch mounted cargo carrier specialists by email or call us at 800-943-5377.

How to measure for StowAway Carrier spare tire or ladder clearance