Item #: 019.85
  • Defeats the casual thief
  • No locks / keys needed


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    You never know where you’ll be when you find yourself needing to lock something up: a bike, a generator, a cooler, a grill. The list goes on. Sure, you could take your chances, but having a simple anti-theft cable handy is well worth it. It defeats the casual thief and cannot be cut with simple hand tools like a pocket knife or multi-tool. The Lockless Monster is always ready to go – no keys to lose and no combinations to forget.


    The Lockless Monster stores easily and is always ready for use. Just coil it up and then wrap the ball-end around twice, and insert into larger loop.


    3/32″ stranded steel cable core, 7 x 7 aircraft cable. PVC coated.

    Simply loop the cable around the item that you wish to protect from theft and lock the ball-end into your door or trunk. It couldn’t be easier!

    If you find yourself without a door or trunk, the ball end has a small loop so that you can use a padlock or combination lock if you need to.

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