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Surf Fishing Rod Racks

StowAway's unique surf fishing rod racks offer surf fishermen maximum function and versatility. Our surf fishing rod racks come complete with a surf rod rack that holds up to 6 surf fishing rods, plus a large, heavy-duty cargo rack that can hold up to 200 pounds of gear. A StowAway surf rod rack is ideal for transporting everything you need for the perfect fishing trip -- bait, tackle, rods, coolers, and chairs -- but keeping the fish smell, salt water, and sand out of your vehicle. And when you get home, simply get out the hose to wash it down. Click for detailed information on surf fishing rod rack frame options.

StowAway Surf Fishing Rod Rack Frames

StowAway Surf Fishing Rod Racks come on either of our two most popular frames:

Swingaway frame: The unique, patented design of this frame pivots up to 180 degrees out and away from the vehicle , providing clear access to the rear of almost any vehicle. This is the best choice if you're looking for maximum versatility, and complete and easy rear-vehicle access.
Fixed frame: This is our most popular fixed frame, offering maximum ground clearance with its high-rise design that puts the carrier platform 9 inches above the bottom of your vehicle’s trailer hitch.  This is a good option if having frequent access to the rear of your vehicle isn't that important. On some vehicles you can access your gear through the rear window with the surf rod rack in place.