The Best Toyota or Lexus Cargo Carrier

StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers are ideal travel companions for your Lexus or Toyota SUV, truck, or minivan. Whether loading up the kids for a weekend of camping or taking a weeklong fishing trip, StowAway offers durable, weather-resistant storage for gear and equipment. Accessible and versatile, StowAway's hitch-mounted carriers should be a requirement for all road trip adventures!

When you mount the StowAway Cargo Carrier with SwingAway frame to the rear of your Lexus or Toyota, the options are endless! Depending on your current adventure, you'll have ample storage space to take all your cycling, camping, climbing, or fishing gear. And trunk accessibility won't be compromised, meaning you can store even more and still get to it with ease.

The StowAway hitch cargo carriers meet this need. Hitch mounted for easy ground level loading, the StowAway includes a swingaway frame for clear access to the back of your vehicle. Choosing the right StowAway should be done based upon your needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right StowAway Hitch Carrier for Your Lexus or Toyota

A StowAway hitch carrier provides a simple way to expand your vehicle's gear capacity. All StowAway carriers slide into your hitch for easy access from ground level and are tightened in place with the StowAway hitch tightener. But which StowAway might be best for your Lexus or Toyota vehicle and needs?

A Is your Lexus or Toyota Designed for a Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier or Cargo Box?

The compatibility of your vehicle with a hitch carrier depends on a few factors. First is Tongue Weight Capacity (TWC). This refers to how much weight your vehicle's hitch receiver can support. Generally, smaller vehicles will have a lower TWC and larger ones will have a higher capacity. To find out a specific TWC, consult your owner's manual or your dealer. Next what size hitch do you have? Hitches typically come as a 1.25" or 2" square receiver, and occasionally 2.5” for larger, heavy duty vehicles. StowAway Hitch Racks and the Standard Cargo Box are available for either the 1.25” and 2” hitch size, while the Max Cargo Box is made only for a 2” hitch.

BWhat kind of and how much gear will you be carrying?

Hitch racks can be the best choice for gear that does not have a regular shape – bikes, grills, inflatable boats and more. The StowAway Cargo Boxes may be a better option if you have multiple pieces of luggage or gear that you want to keep covered. 1.25” hitches typically offer tongue weight capacity ranging from 100 lbs up to 300 lbs. Vehicles with 2” hitches typically have a tongue weight capacity of 300 – 500 lbs. The StowAway Carrier is not suitable for the lighter (Class 1) 1.25” hitches but can be used with hitches with capacities of 200 lbs and higher. Always be sure to stay within the stated capacity on your hitch and your vehicle.

CHow important is protection from the elements, and security?

If you are concerned about the security of your gear and protecting it from the weather, a hitch cargo box might be your best bet. StowAway Cargo Boxes are molded from a strong flexible polymer and include a locking latch, taillights and a water channel to prevent water from getting to your gear.

DWill you be doing more than transporting gear?

StowAway offers several models and accessories If you plan on doing more with your StowAway than transporting gear. The buffet board option provides a platform for preparing or serving food. The StowAway Ski Carrier converts the vehible into a ski shuttle for carrying skiers and skis to the mountain. The StowAway Grill Station is your ideal tailgate party grill for college or pro games.

EHow important is clear access to the back of your vehicle?

If you need clear access to the back of your vehicle without having to unload your gear, the swingaway frame is a definite must. Remove the frame safety pins, lift the release pin and swing open your frame for access to your back doors, liftgate or tailgate.

OK, you’ve assessed your needs and looked over your vehicle and hitch. Now select the StowAway that will work best for you.

StowAway Model Review

StowAway Cargo Box

Hitch Cargo Boxes

If your choice is a Cargo Box select either the Max at 16 cubic feet capacity or the Standard at 12.5 cubic feet capacity. Both boxes will protect your gear from the elements, include a locking latch for security, and taillights for safety. A drain plug is included for cleaning your box. Both boxes come in either black or ivory.

StowAway Cargo Rack

Hitch Racks

The StowAway cargo hitch rack provides a flexible hauling alternative for irregularly shaped and large pieces of gear that may not fit into one of our cargo boxes. The hitch rack can also be specialized for hauling bikes, a grill for tailgating, fishing rods or skis and snowboards.

StowAway hitch racks and swingaway frame angled

Hitch Frames

StowAway offers two frames, one a fixed frame and the other a swingaway frame. Both frames are welded from heavy duty tube steel and are powdercoated to resist rust and corrosion. All StowAway Boxes and Racks mount to either frame or you can bolt your own box or rack to either frame.

Toyota and Lexus Vehicle Overview

Lexus GX

Lexus GX 460 has 301 HP, 6500 towing capacity, and three rows of seating. It's the epitome of rugged refinement with enhanced off-road and on-road capabilities, a redesigned, contemporary front fascia, and new, distinctive interior trims. If you're looking for the perfect Lexus GX 460 cargo carrier, a ski rack for Lexus GX470, or an alternative to your Lexus GX 460 roof rack, look no further than the StowAway.


The Toyota Highlander is a mid-size crossover SUV that ranks highly in the midsize SUV class largely due to its excellent reliability rating. It has an elegant cabin and robust optional V6 engine, but it suffers from a small cargo hold and a tight third row. The Highlander has 13.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row which is fairly small for this class. If you fold down the rear seats, there's 42.3 cubic feet behind the second row and up to 83.7 cubic feet with the second- and third-row seats down.

Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive, full-size luxury SUVs. They can seat up to eight people. The Land Cruiser is a powerful SUV with many features that can go far off the beaten path with its sophisticated four-wheel-drive system. It has comfortable first- and second-row seats, though space in the third row is pretty tight.


Toyota RAV4 boasts a large cargo hold, a fuel-efficient engine, and plenty of driver assistance features. It has great gas mileage, good and a comfortable ride. Its predicted reliability rating is above-average.


The Toyota Sienna has a spacious cabin and a smooth ride, but it feels less modern and upscale than higher-ranked rivals. It has incredible cargo capacity, a comfortable ride, and powerful engine. Available all-wheel drive which is a rare feature in the minivan category.


Toyota Tacoma is a great, versatile compact 4-door pickup truck to consider. Featuring powerful engine options, user-friendly technology features, and a spacious, comfortable cabin which seats 5 people comfortably. With the 5-foot short bed, the Tacoma has 38 cu ft. of rear cargo space; with the long bed it offers 47 cu ft. of room.

FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a mid-size, retro-style SUV that is known for its great off-road capability. All the interior surfaces are covered with washable rubber materials to allow fast cleanup after heavy outdoor use -- a big plus for families. Cargo capacity measures 66.8 cubic feet behind the front seats and 27.9 cubic feet behind the rear seats.