Ski Carrier Options for Ski Resort Shuttle Vans

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Transporting skiers to, from and around ski resorts in North America is a task often performed by ski shuttle services. Sometimes with a designated route the shuttles may take skiers from their hotel to the lifts, to the airport, to a neighboring resort and back again at the end of the day. While there is always room in the shuttle for the skiers themselves, where to put the skis, poles and ski gear can be a bit more challenging. The roof of the shuttle is always an option, but getting it up there can be a bit tricky, particularly on taller vans like the Ford Transit or Sprinter van. And carrying your skis inside the van can take up precious passenger space.

StowAway Carriers offers a couple of hitch mounted options that address these concerns. Made in the USA, the StowAway Ski Box for Ski Shuttles and the StowAway Max for Ski Limousines are designed for rugged use season after season. The StowAway Ski Box provides easy access to the skis, ski bags and associated ski gear like boots. The Ski Box's swingaway frame is designed to allow the right rear door of the shuttle to open without opening the frame, and both doors to open when the frame is swung open. The hitch-mount design also means that the shuttle driver can access everything from ground level, a far safer option than climbing to the top of the van.

StowAway Hitch-Mount Ski Carrier with Swingaway Frame

StowAway Hitch Mount Ski Carrier with SwingAway Frame

For ski shuttle vans like the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter van, StowAway offers a hitch-mounted ski carrier. The carrier holds up to 200 pounds of skis or snowboards and is mounted to our swingaway frame for easy access to the back of the van. The swingaway frame is offset for quick access to the passenger-side rear door and the ski gear inside. The frame swings out for easy access to the driver’s side door and any other gear that might be in the van.

The ski carrier itself measures 18” x 24” in size and includes elastic bands for holding the skis while in transit. Being hitch-mounted rather than door-mounted, the StowAway ski carrier does not expose shuttle owners to the annual expense of replacing van doors due to structural damage from a door mounted ski carrier.

The StowAway SB SwingAway frame is fabricated with heavy duty steel tube designed for rigorous use. It includes a spring-loaded latch for releasing the frame, augmented by dual safety pins to prevent unintended release. Designed for 2” hitch receivers, the frame can lock at 90 degrees for easy loading and unloading of the van. The SB SwingAway frame comes complete with a hitch tightener to prevent hitch wobble.

StowAway Cargo Carrier for Ski Limousines

Picking skiers up at the airport is the role of a ski limousine. Typically a Chevy Suburban or similar vehicle the limousine offers comfortable seating to its passengers, but may run out of room for the luggage and gear for a larger group. With ski limousines the skis and poles are often put in a roof box, but what about the rest of the luggage and gear. This is where the StowAway Max Cargo Box can play a valuable role. Hitch mounted for ground level access the StowAway Max swings out for clear access to the rear liftgate and ski gear.

StowAway Hitch Mounted SwingAway Frame for Ski Boxes

With the MAX Cargo Box from StowAway, you will have plenty of room for luggage, ski gear, and more. It’s hitch-mounted, which means all of your gear is accessible from the ground, and the SwingAway frame still allows you to access the limo’s rear liftgate or the rear doors of a shuttle van.

This heavy duty molded cargo box adds 16 cubic feet to your overall capacity, and the Max can handle up to 200 pounds of gear. In total, users can transport up to four carryon bags and up to three additional duffle bags, while still allowing easy access to the rear of the vehicle with the swingaway frame. The box is designed to perform effectively in cold (and warm) temperatures and has been used in locations as cold as Antarctica.

To ensure security and safety, the StowAway Max Cargo Box includes a locking latch, license plate bracket, full function taillights, and wraparound reflectors. To prevent hitch wobble, the carrier includes a hitch tightener that is simple to install and easy to use. The Max Box can be removed from the SwingAway frame and replaced by one of our cargo or bike rack products, adding to its versatility in the off season.

Hitch-Mounted SB Swingaway Frame for Ski Boxes

For ski shuttles that already have a ski box or carrier, our SB Swingaway frame may be the right choice. The frame is designed with a mounting platform for fabricated ski boxes or carriers, while offering the accessibility benefit of a swingaway frame. Designed for a 2-inch hitch receiver, the frame has the capacity for a ski box and up to 200 pounds gear, making it an ideal platform your ski or utility carrier. You can even use it for transporting surf boards, kayaks or as a generator carrier in the spring and summer seasons.

With an offset design the SB frame allows the passenger side door to open for fast loading and unloading, with the driver’s side door being accessible when the frame is swung out.

StowAway Hitch Mounted SwingAway Frame for Ski Boxes Swung Out StowAway Hitch Mounted SwingAway Frame Both Doors Swung Out

The frame comes to you with four holes that are located for mounting ski boxes with a 24-inch by 18-inch footprint, and the compact design and intuitive engineering limits potential contact points, which means users have less chance of denting their vehicle or bumping their legs when using the frame.

Weighing 47 pounds, the frame can be attached to a hitch by most able-bodied users. From Sprinter vans to limousines to shuttle vans, this frame adds convenience and utility to ski trips.
StowAway Hitch Mount Ski Carrier with SwingAway Frame both doors swung open

Learn More About our Ski-Carrier Options for Shuttle Buses

If you want more information about our ski-carrier options, including swingaway frames, boxes, and ski carriers, contact our team at any time. Our knowledgeable staff will help you get the right answers to your questions in a prompt and timely fashion.

Whether you have a fleet of shuttle vans or simply want a cargo box for your ski limousine, StowAway can make your travels more comfortable and more convenient.

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