Smokin Brothers Tailgate Grill Secret Ingredient is StowAway

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The football season is in full swing and fans everywhere are already starting to get their playoff and bowl plans in order. Every football fan loves that big moment in the game when his or her team makes the key play, scores the big touchdown or comes up with a huge a defensive stop. However, you can’t really sit down to watch a big game without a proper tailgate party before the kick-off. Playoff and bowl games are no exception, so of course, every fan already looking forward to the post season is likely making big plans for their tailgating experience, as well.

Smokin' Brothers grill attached to a StowAway SwingAway frame

How Tailgating Was Meant to Be

It doesn’t matter what you’re serving, whether it’s hamburgers, polish sausage, a rack of ribs, or anything else you decide to throw on the grill, everyone needs a good meal before they scream their lungs out for three hours. There are so many different options for grilling at a tailgate party, and people have come up with a lot of unique and interesting ideas. However, every tailgater has something in common. They all have to find a way to haul their grill to the game. But what if you could simply attach your grill to the trailer hitch on your vehicle and have it ready for use when you get to the game? That would really make your tailgate party a winner.

Smokin’ Brothers to Go

Well, thanks to the StowAway SwingAway Frame you can easily turn your Smokin’ Brothers grill into a hitch mount grill. Whether it’s the big game, a camping trip, or any other place you grill, this versatile and easy to use swingaway hitch frame is a great way to take your grill on the road, no matter where you’re headed. Take a look at what this StowAway customer did with their SwingAway Frame. That’s the Smokin’ Brothers “24” grill and it’s attached right to the trailer hitch, making this a super portable trailer hitch grill. With the StowAway SwingAway Frame it’s easy to create your own hitch mount smoker grill or hitch grill station with a Smokin’ Brothers grill. Getting your grilling station to and from the game has never been easier.

Smokin' Brothers grill attached to a StowAway SwingAway frame with liftgate open and grill swung away

Durable, Quiet and Convenient

lus, it’s also very convenient to use. Because the SwingAway Frame swings away from your vehicle up to 180 degrees you still have easy access to your trunk while you grill. Just throw all your fixings in the back of your vehicle and they’re right there where you need them for smokin’ or grillin’. This heavy-duty steel hitch frame will easily handle just about every grill/smoker the Smokin’ Brother makes. The SwingAway Frame holds up to 175 lbs. with a 1.25-inch hitch and up to 250 lbs. with a 2-inch hitch. It also includes a hitch tightener to help reduce or eliminate hitch rattle. If you love your Smokin’ Brothers grill and wish you could take it with you to your next tailgate party, camping trip, or any other BBQ outing, then try pairing it with the StowAway SwingAway Frame. Your stationary grill will become a fantastic hitch grill BBQ for every occasion.

Your Tailgate Experience Will Always Be a Winner

Of course, we can’t guarantee that your team will always be victorious on the field, but we can promise that your tailgating event will always be a winner when you combine your Smokin’ Brothers grill with the StowAway SwingAway Frame. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your tailgating experience this football season then click here to purchase your new Smokin’ Brother’s grill and click here to team it up with the StowAway SwingAway Frame to create your very own portable hitch grill station. Tailgating will never be the same.

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