Spring Road Trips With the StowAway Carrier

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It’s spring and that means it time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors again. It also means that road trip season is getting back into full swing. With spring break going on all over the country, as well camping trips, and even ski trips to the mountains, people have a lot of reasons to pack up the family vehicle and head out on the road. The fact is, when you’re going to take a road trip, you have to be able to store all your gear safely inside your vehicle before you leave. Road trip storage often requires some real packing and loading ability, as well as some compromise when some things just won’t quite fit. So how can you make your next spring road trip better? Make sure you take a StowAway Cargo Carrier along for the ride.

StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier on silver SUV with lake and mountains in background

Take the StowAway Cargo Carrier With You This Spring

The StowAway Cargo Carrier will be the best passenger you’ve ever had. It easily attaches to your rear mounted hitch frame and rides quietly and conveniently behind your vehicle. It holds up to 200 pounds when attached to a 2-inch hitch, and with it’s locking mechanism and smooth ride you won’t even know its there. Plus, every time you need to access the back of your vehicle the StowAway SwingAway Hitch Frame makes it easy. With its pivoting arm, you can easily swing the Cargo Carrier out of your way and reach whatever you need inside your car, truck, van or SUV.

Extreme Versatility

The StowAway Max Cargo Carrier, for example, has so many different uses for extra car storage that you will find handy on any kind of spring road trip you take. Our customers use it for camping trips, golf outings, fishing excursions, ski trips, hunting and fishing, bike trips, hauling their dog accessories and just about any other type of road trip you can imagine. In fact, one customer even turned their StowAway Cargo Carrier into a kitchen sink. There are all kinds of road trips and several things to carry when you head out on the road. But it doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you need to haul - you can use a StowAway Cargo Carrier for road trip storage.

It’s Time to Make Your Next Road Trip Better

These strong and durable cargo carriers, together with the heavy-duty SwingAway Hitch Frame, can handle almost any load. So, don’t let an overloaded vehicle ruin your next road trip. Instead, order a Stowaway Cargo Carrier and make sure you have room for everything you want to take, even that last little item that someone always forgets to squeeze into their bag. Your extra cargo will be safe and secure in your StowAway Cargo Carrier, while you and all your passengers will love all the extra space and comfort you’ll get to enjoy inside the vehicle. Order yours today.