Tracey and Sophia's Stow-ry | Cargo Carrier for Camping

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StowAway is lucky to have amazing customers that share their stories and adventures with us! This particular story arose when our customer, Tracey, was installing the StowAway with her granddaughter, Sophia...

StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier owners Tracey and SophiaTracey loved camping and sleeping under the stars. She remembers playing outside as a kid and the excitement of outdoor adventures. Motivated to get Sophia outdoors, Tracey decided to take her on a camping trip!

It had been years since Tracey went camping, but she remembered how fun it was when she took her two daughters and was excited to share the experience with Sophia. However, Tracey had a smaller vehicle now and as the gear began to stack and the list of supplies grew longer, she realized her Nissan Versa would not carry everything. Especially since she was planning to bring her Yorkie and its kennel!

StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier on Nissan Versa

Tracey began looking for a solution to her cargo carrying problem. She didn’t want to have her gear on a hitch rack covered with a tarp and bungie cords – as she had seen other people do – because it didn’t seem secure or weather proof. And rooftop carriers were inconvenient and didn’t keep things very organized.

Tracey typed “cargo box” into a search engine and found an array of hitch mounted carriers. After browsing other options, she landed on StowAway Cargo Carriers. She discovered that our cargo box was equipped with a SwingAway hitch frame that allowed full access to the back of her vehicle. The SwingAway frame made it convenient to load both her hatchback and the StowAway easily – maximizing accessibility and storage capacity.

StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier filled with camping equipment

Tracey contacted us via the live chat on the StowAway website when she was installing the cargo carrier. With only a few questions, she easily installed the StowAway - just her and her granddaughter. Tracey said the most difficult part was getting the StowAway out of the box it arrived in! Her friends and family were all impressed that she installed it with ease. Not too surprising when you meet Tracey though. She is a hardworking, single mom that is used to accomplishing a lot on her own. So if you are single and concerned you can’t install the StowAway by yourself, Tracey wants you to know, YOU CAN!

So what did Tracey fit inside the StowAway standard cargo carrier for their camping trip?

  • Tent (6-person capacity)
  • 2 sleeping bags
  • Full size inflatable mattress
  • Camp stove
  • Table lantern & tent lamp
  • 2 large folding mesh chairs
  • 7-piece pot & pan set
  • 2 large bags of miscellaneous camp gear - candles, bug spray, bungee cords, clothes line, cooking utensils, dinnerware for 4, camp toaster, lighters, etc.
  • Large beach bag of bath, kitchen, and beach towels
  • 10’ x 12’ tarp
  • 15' extension cord
  • Tub to wash dishes
Sophia holding her dog and standing by StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier mounted on Nissan Versa
Plus, she had room to spare! Tracey says, “…this extra space makes me very happy. I leave it on the car so we can just grab a few clothes, pick up food on the way - and go!”

With a comfortable ride and the ability to bring everything you need for the journey, the StowAway makes road travel more enjoyable!

A special thank you to Tracey and Sophia for sharing their Stow-ry and photos! Happy travels, happy camping!

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