Wheels to the Rescue!

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You’ve been enjoying the convenience and storage capacity of your StowAway Cargo Carrier for miles and miles. Loading and unloading gear easily, freeing up room in your vehicle, and being able to take everything you need along the way. But when it’s time to store your StowAway, what is the best way to do that?

When you’re moving the cargo carrier from your vehicle into the garage, follow the motto:
work smarter – not harder.

The StowAway Carrier Wheel Kit is here to help!

Optional wheel accessory attached to StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier on SwingAway FrameThe wheels easily mount to the frame of your StowAway Cargo Carrier while it is still attached to your vehicle. This allows you to easily install the wheels, and roll the cargo carrier effortlessly from your vehicle to the garage.

The wheel kit includes:
• Two heavy-duty wheels that mount onto any StowAway frame
• Wheels use the same attachment points as the frame
• Easy installation (no drill required)
• Easily move your carrier while still attached to the frame
• Free Shipping

Visit www.stowaway2.com to learn about other useful products that make your StowAway more versatile and easy to use.

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