Game Time Means Grill Time: the StowAway Hitch Grill Station

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Stowaway hitch grill station - Ducks fan woman cooking at grill

Fall means college football. College football means tailgating. The story goes that tailgating began over a hundred years ago during a football game between Rutgers and Princeton. Modern tailgating has evolved from casual get-togethers in the team parking lot to full-blown parties complete with food, seating and games.

Whatever vibe of tailgating you prefer, our StowAway Hitch Grill Station will enhance your experience as it delivers ease and functionality. Gone are the days of hauling the grill from the garage to the back of your vehicle and then out to the tailgating parking lot. The grill station simply slides into your hitch receiver, and includes all your tailgating necessities – a grill, cutting board, cargo rack for your cooler and food, all mounted to a SwingAway frame.

stowaway hitch grill station on a black SUV

The SwingAway frame is designed to swing out and lock at 90 degrees for grilling safely away from the car, and to give you clear access to the back of your vehicle. The grill is a high-performance Cuisinart Grill with 240-sq. inch of grilling area, plenty of space to keep your fellow fans full.

The StowAway Hitch Grill Station offers models for both 2-inch and 1.25-inch trailer hitches, and with a capacity of up to 200 pounds of gear. (The frame and rack come with a 10-year limited warranty!) Think of the benefits – more room in your vehicle, simple setup and operation, and you can remove the grill and cutting board and use the cargo rack year-round.

Here’s to fall, football, family, friends and tailgating!

stowaway swingaway grill station on SUV