Foldup Bike Storage and Transport While on the Road

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People use our StowAway carriers for all kinds of reasons. In fact, our customers continually find new ways to use our cargo carriers that we would never think of, and many of those customers share those experiences with us. A lot of people ride bikes and although we offer a cycle carrier that attaches to our hitch mounted SwingAway Frame, folding bikes don’t fit well on a bike rack. As it turns out, our StowAway Max Cargo Carrier makes a great companion for anyone who owns and hauls a folding bike.

Two fold-up bikes inside a StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier

Where to Put Your Folding Bikes on a Road Trip

If you own a folding bike you may tend to take your bikes on vacations, road trips or even day outings. Hauling the bikes along with your other gear can be a challenge even in a good size SUV or RV. That’s where the Max Cargo Box comes in. A road bike storage solution, the Max box will comfortably carry two folding bikes, and leave plenty of room for helmets, gloves and other accessories. And StowAway customers have hauled the most popular folding bike brands, including Dahon and Bike Friday models.

Save Room in Your Vehicle

Loading your folding bikes into the Max Box will save you room in your vehicle and keep your bikes protected from the weather. You can lock your StowAway Cargo Carrier, which means your folding bikes will be safe against would-be thieves. Plus, with the Max’s convenient and easy-to-use swing away hitch frame you don’t have to remove your bikes to access the back of your vehicle.

Your Folding Bike’s New Best Friend

If you’ve been looking for a better way to haul your folding bikes then look no further than the StowAway Max Cargo Carrier. Convenience, protection and accessibility rolled into one bike carrier solution. And best of all, when you aren’t transporting your folding bikes, you can use your carrier for hauling all kinds of other gear, whether it be for camping, team sports, or visiting your out of town relatives.

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