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Pairing a StowAway hitch cargo box with the Ford Transit Van provides an incredibly flexible option for commercial applications such as carrying gear, transporting passengers and just plain getting the job done. The built-in features of the StowAway cargo box provide value in such a way that you'll soon wonder how you ever got through your jobs without one. So what exactly is the StowAway cargo box and how can you best use one for your Ford Transit van? Find the answers to all these questions -- and more --- below.

Ford Transit Van – Why a StowAway Hitch Cargo Box?

The Ford Transit Van is designed for commercial applications, whether it be carrying tools, equipment and supplies for your trade or transporting passengers from one location to another.

Ford Transit Van with StowAway Standard Hitch Cargo Carrier in Ivory
Ford Transit Van with StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier in Ivory.

By itself, the Transit van offers considerable carrying capacity, but when fully equipped with tools, equipment or passenger seats it is not uncommon to need more room for gear or luggage. This is where the StowAway Cargo Box can fill the void. The StowAway Hitch Cargo Box is a rugged outdoor box designed to carry luggage, gear, tools or equipment with your Ford Transit Van. When inserted into the Transit’s hitch receiver, the StowAway will swing out for clear access to your rear van doors for loading and unloading, and swing closed for transporting that gear on the roads and highways. The StowAway box wire harness connects to the Transit van electrical system for lighting, braking and turn signals, and the box itself provides up to 16 cubic feet and 200 lbs of luggage or gear capacity. The StowAway Cargo Box comes in two sizes, the larger Max box with 16 cubic feet capacity and the Standard box with 12.5 cubic feet capacity. The StowAway swingaway frame is the most popular frame choice, but a fixed frame is also available.

Best Ways to Use a StowAway Cargo Box

What and how to use the StowAway cargo box with the Ford Transit van is wide open. Passenger shuttle vans use the box for luggage and gear, largely because the box is easily loaded from ground level and swings out for clear access to the back of the van. This means one quick stop at each shuttle stop, with easy unloading for the passengers. The StowAway box is just the right length for golf clubs and can typically carry 3 to 4 bags per trip.

For the tradesperson the StowAway offers secure space for commonly used tools and equipment, whether in transit or at the job site. For supplies and equipment that are best kept out of the van, like pest control implements, the StowAway offers a secure option that will offer a safer alternative for their drivers. All StowAway cargo boxes include a locking latch for security and a drain plug for easy cleaning of the box.

How does the StowAway Cargo Box compare to other Cargo Options for the Transit Van

The most common cargo box for just about any vehicle is a rooftop box. Rooftop boxes are difficult to load with the luggage having to be lifted overhead, and their shape and the roof capacity of vehicles limit what you can pack. On the Ford Transit van this overhead challenge is amplified with the Transit’s tall design, so a hitch mounted cargo box offers a much more attractive option, particularly one that swings out to access the back of the van.

A second option for the Transit Van is a tow behind trailer. While trailers can offer lots of capacity they are more difficult to drive with and are particularly difficult to park. Some job sites or shuttle stops simply don’t have a spot for a Transit Van with a trailer.

And finally there are other hitch mounted cargo box options. But none of these offer what the StowAway Cargo Box can offer – the rugged box design, a heavy duty frame that will swing out for easy access to the rear of the vehicle, and a range of choices like a ski box, cargo rack and bike rack that can enhance the box and frame utility for other activities.

So if you are looking for the best cargo box choice for your Ford Transit Van nothing can compare with the overall performance, features, durability and value offered by the StowAway Cargo Box.

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