Horseshoeing — Anvil and All — Goes Mobile with the StowAway SwingAway Hitch Frame

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We’ve seen StowAway hitch-mounted frames come in handy for camping enthusiasts, business owners, bike race competitors, world travelers… the list goes on and on and on. Now, we can add farriers to that list. (You know, farriers, the people that take care of and shoe horses.)

One StowAway customer, a mobile farrier working in Oregon, ordered the SwingAway hitch frame for his vehicle and is using it in a very creative way: he mounted his anvil on it. While many people keep their anvils and other farrier supplies in a stall near the stables or on a work bench (or even in the trunk of their car), this customer’s solution allows for increased convenience and unlimited mobility when horseshoeing.

StowAway SwingAway Frame on Toyota Tundra with custom welded plate holds a farrier's anvilTired of making horseshoes using an anvil in the bed of his pickup, this creative customer mounted a steel platform onto the SwingAway frame — putting his anvil at the exact right height. After adding a trailer wheel jack for shock absorption, he was ready to hit the hay (which of course has a different meaning in this context).

Now when he shoes horses, there’s no need to go back and forth between a work bench and the stable, or a need to set up a horseshoeing station for every job. With the anvil mounted to the versatile SwingAway frame, it’s a mobile shoeing station that maximizes the cargo space of his vehicle at the same time.

Anvil sits atop a custom cargo rack on a StowAway SwingAway FrameThe patented StowAway SwingAway frame is designed for 2” hitches and is able to hold up to 250 pounds of gear or equipment. It’s manufactured in the USA of heavy-duty steel tubing and swings out 180 degrees to allow quick and easy access to the cargo space in the rear of your vehicle. It also comes with a hitch tightener to prevent any rattling or hitch wobble.

For farriers, ranchers, and farmers of any sort, the SwingAway frame can provide you with the ability to maximize your cargo space by carrying machinery and other gear outside the vehicle. But, if you’re not a rancher, farrier, or farmer of any sort, the SwingAway frame can still be a solution to your cargo space needs — it’s also compatible with StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers, Hitch Cargo and Bike Racks, Hitch Grill Stations and much more.

So, whether you’re a farrier looking to create a portable horseshoeing station, a small business owner trying to make some more room for equipment, or even a parent hoping to keep your kids’ muddy football gear out of the trunk — StowAway frames and cargo boxes for SUVs can be used in countless creative ways!

StowAway SwingAway Frame
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