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Have you heard of BottleDrop? Chances are if you live outside of Oregon or Southwest Washington then most likely you know nothing about this excellent recycling program. BottleDrop aims to help keep the world greener, one bottle, or can, at a time. According to the company’s website, “BottleDrop is a new system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon.” With its “clean and spacious indoor facilities, friendly and helpful staff, and innovative new BottleDrop Account, the company is making returning containers and collecting a refund fast, clean and convenient.” So what does recycling bottles and cans have to do with StowAway Cargo Carriers and Hitch Frames?

StowAway Hitch Cargo Rack painted orange mounted on a Jeep Renegade for Bottle Drop Oregon

Cargo Carrier for BottleDrop

As you can see from this photo, BottleDrop has come up with yet another way for people to recycle their bottles and cans and easily earn rewards. Thanks to this mobile collection station, people can even deposit their empty bottles and cans on the go. It’s another convenient way for residents in Oregon to make a little extra cash and help save the environment by recycling. In addition, if you take a closer look at this photo, you’ll notice that the BottleDrop vehicle is carrying two deposit bins for collecting empty cans and bottles. You’ll also notice that they are hauling these bins around with the convenience and security of a StowAway Cargo Rack and SwingAway Hitch Frame.

Another Way to Customize Your Cargo Carrier

We we’re very happy to receive this photo from the folks at BottleDrop who recently contacted us to share how they are using our StowAway Cargo Carrier. You might notice that BottleDrop has taken the liberty to customize their car luggage rack. The fact is we don’t sell the cargo rack in orange. However, the folks at BottleDrop explained that they powder coated the cargo rack they purchased so it would match their branding. In our opinion it looks incredible. This is just one more way that a customer who has purchased one of our car luggage racks found a creative and unique way to use it. We love it when our customers find new ways to use their cargo carriers, cargo racks and hitch frames from StowAway.

Share Your Creativity

We also love it when they share those ideas with us. You can see many of these extra car storage ideas for yourself on our website. From attaching a smoker to one of our hitch frames to turning the cargo carrier into a kitchen sink on the back of a fifth-wheel, people have found hundreds of ways to use and customize their StowAway Cargo Carrier and Cargo Racks. If you have a unique use for your cargo carrier or rack, and you would like to share your creativity with us, please send us a note with your story and images. Just visit our StowAway In Action page by clicking here and submit your photos. And of course, keep depositing those bottles and cans with BottleDrop.
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