The StowAway Cargo Box for your Summer Road Trip

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The StowAway Cargo Box For Your Summer Road Trip.

With the warmer weather settling in, it's finally time to head out on that summer road trip you've been planning for so long.

But with your family occupying the seats and your camping gear stuffed in the back, you may find that room for the dog and your backpack is limited.  

Instead of renting a trailer or roof top carrier is there an cargo carrier option available that will allow for easy loading and access to all that gear (or the dog) in the back of your vehicle.  One that will also allow the dog to jump in and out at a rest stop.    

Yes, there is - the Stowaway Hitch Cargo Box.

What is a Hitch Cargo Box?

A hitch cargo box is a box that mounts to a frame that slides into the hitch receiver on your vehicle. Unlike a trailer a hitch cargo box does not have any wheels and unlike a roof carrier is easily loaded from ground level.  

The fact that they have no wheels also means that you do not need to worry about adjusting your turning radius to accommodate for the extra length and extra set of wheels behind you, which of course means reduced chances of getting into an accident.

Cargo boxes are mounted onto a frame which then attaches to the hitch of the vehicle. There are two types of frames available - the swingaway frame and a standard fixed frame.

Your choice of frame will depend upon your need to easily access the back of your vehicle over the course of your road trip.

Why Is a Cargo Box Better Than A Trailer?

The main issue with trailers is that they greatly limit your parking options since you are always accommodating that extra length behind you. This makes emergency pit stops much more difficult.

The other issue with trailers is that they make maneuvering your vehicle on narrow roads difficult - your summer road trip should be stress-free without the anxiety of possibly having your trailer run into another vehicle.

Fuel economy is another reason for choosing a hitched cargo box over a trailer. Hitch cargo boxes are not as heavy as trailers and do not have the wind drag that most trailers do, which means less drag and less fuel consumption.

Swingaway Hitch Frame

StowAway Swingaway Hitch Frame
StowAway Swingaway Hitch Frame

As the name suggests, this frame swings open for ease of access to the rear cargo like so:

Your dog can make a rapid and clear exit for those urgent toilet breaks.

Swingaway Frame Open with Dog
StowAway SwingAway Frame open with Dog in Trunk

You can access the cargo or food in the back of your vehicle during those rest breaks.

If you spot the perfect fishing lake during your road trip, simply swing your cargo box to the side, grab a rod for each family member from the back and start fishing!

The great thing about having extra space for cargo in the cargo box means that all your luggage in the back is much less cluttered, so quickly locating items becomes a breeze!

Fixed Hitch Frame

The fixed hitch frame does not swing open but rather stays statically attached to the hitch of the vehicle.

Swingaway Frame Clearance Art
Swingaway Frame Clearance

If exiting out the back door, or accessing the rear cargo is not required, this hitch frame is a perfect option

What is more irritating than stopping for a food break during a summer road trip and then having to painfully reach over the back seat to access the specific food items each family member is requesting?

With the hitch frame, you can simply walk around to the back of the car and have clear access to all the food from within the cargo box - your back will love you for it

Why You Need A Hitch Cargo Box

There are many benefits to having a hitch cargo box.

The most obvious reason is that it allows you to have more room in the back of the car for family, pets or fragile luggage that might get damaged in an over-cluttered back end on a road trip.

But the primary reason for investing in a hitch cargo box is that it allows you to load and unload items at waist level which is perfect for your back. Though the extra storage space on your roof may seem like a convenient option during a road trip, unloading these items places a lot of strain on your back. With a hitch cargo box, not only will you preserve your back from damage, but you will also eliminate the lingering worry that you may have under-tightened your rooftop load.

All StowAway cargo boxes are secured with a locking latch so there is little risk of your items being stolen when stopped overnight.

All StowAway hitch cargo boxes also come with an optional buffet board which provides you and your family with a convenient table to eat from during those snack breaks!

Choosing The Best Hitch Cargo Box For Your Summertime Trip

We offer two box sizes to choose from. Both are molded with LLDPE which is designed to absorb impacts and take years of heavy usage. Each box includes a locking latch for security, tail-lights for visibility and a drain plug for easy cleaning. Both boxes come in either black or ivory.

The main difference between the two boxes is size, the Max Carrier can carry 16 cubic feet, the Standard Carrier can carry 12.5 cubic feet of gear. Both can support up to 200 lbs.   

StowAway Carriers

StowAway Hithc Carriers Max and Standard Boxes
StowAway Max Box in Black and Standard Box in White


Our hitch cargo boxes offer a convenient and simple storage solution for any summer road trip.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss the best hitch cargo box for your vehicle.

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