The Case for Extra Space: Cargo Options for the Ford Transit Connect

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The Ford Transit Connect is a great vehicle for business owners in need of a reliable and economical delivery vehicle. It offers ample room and is easily accessible from the side or from the back. But what happens if you need more cargo room than the Transit Connect allows? Or, what if you are transporting items that you don’t want inside the vehicle because of smells or contamination?

Rear view of StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier mounted on Ford Transit Connect van

To meet this need for extra space, there are few options for the Transit Connect owner. One might be a rooftop carrier, but these can be difficult to access and offer limited weight capacity, which is not conducive to an efficient mobile business operation. A hitch-mounted carrier is a better alternative— ideally one that is enclosed, provides a locking latch and, if necessary, can swing out to allow access to the Transit’s rear cargo area.

One Transit Connect owner recently found the answer to all his spatial problems with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier. The StowAway offered him just what he needed: easy to access, ample storage capacity, a locking latch for security, and taillights for safety. It simply slides into the Transit’s hitch receiver and—voila!—he was back in business. Once he saw the StowAway on his Connect, he knew it was the perfect working solution he needed: a professional and efficient way to maximize his business operations.

Side view of StowAway Standard Cargo Carrier mounted on Ford Transit Connect van

So, if you find yourself in need of more space in your Ford Transit Connect—because businesses grow and, unfortunately, vehicles don’t—the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier is guaranteed to solve that problem, whether you’re traveling around town or around the country.