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StowAway2 supports all of our customers interests. This blog contains everything from road trips, outdoor recreation, hunting, traveling, fishing to storage of material for business. Explore our articles and contact us with any questions. You'll find that we can help make more room for you on all of your adventures.

Time For the Stowaway Fishing Rod Holder!

by | Friday, March 23, 2018

Fishing season has finally arrived and you’ve got your plans laid out. You’ve got your fishing license, all your gear is packed and ready to go, and you’re heading to the perfect fishing spot. You’ve made camping/cottage/hotel reservations and your rig is loaded up with food, clothes, coolers, tackle boxes and all your other needful things. But where, oh where, will you put the fishing rods? It’s not safe to put them inside your car, lest they poke someone in the eye. Which is only slightly...

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Install your StowAway, BY YOURSELF!

by | Friday, March 16, 2018

You’ve got the strength, and we’ve got the steps how! With a long list of things to do before leaving on a trip, your friends and family are scattered in different directions trying to get everything done in time. Before you pack anything, you need to install your StowAway. You look left, you look right, and no one is around. How are you going to install the StowAway by yourself? Luckily, you aren’t alone – well, you know what we mean! Other customers have had the same question, which is why...

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We Want to Sponsor YOUR TEAM!

by | Friday, March 9, 2018

Have a cycling group that travels to races? A running group supporting a cause? If so, StowAway wants to sponsor your team! You’ve done a great job squeezing 6 people, travel supplies, gear, and food into your vehicle – but let us make things easier. StowAway will give your team a hitch cargo carrier at no cost to you. That’s more leg room, easier access to your gear, increased storage capacity, and it doesn’t cost you a penny! So, now you’re thinking – what’s the catch? In return, all we ask...

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Wheels to the Rescue!

by | Friday, March 2, 2018

You’ve been enjoying the convenience and storage capacity of your StowAway Cargo Carrier for miles and miles. Loading and unloading gear easily, freeing up room in your vehicle, and being able to take everything you need along the way. But when it’s time to store your StowAway, what is the best way to do that? When you’re moving the cargo carrier from your vehicle into the garage, follow the motto:work smarter – not harder. The StowAway Carrier Wheel Kit is here to help! The wheels easily mount...

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Cargo Rack for BottleDrop Plus | Car Luggage Rack | StowAway

by | Friday, May 12, 2017

Have you heard of BottleDrop? Chances are if you live outside of Oregon or Southwest Washington then most likely you know nothing about this excellent recycling program. BottleDrop aims to help keep the world greener, one bottle, or can, at a time. According to the company’s website, “BottleDrop is a new system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon.” With its “clean and spacious indoor facilities, friendly and helpful staff, and innovative new BottleDrop Account, the company is making...

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